Obi Cubana, born Obinna Iyiegbu on April 12, 1975, in Oba, Anambra State, Nigeria, is more than a businessman – he’s a philanthropist and now an international Peace Diplomat. Rising from humble beginnings, Obi Cubana’s journey reflects the quintessence of hard work, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence.

Educational Foundation

Growing up in a family of educators, Obi Cubana imbibed values of hard work and discipline. He pursued a degree in Political Science at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, setting the stage for his future endeavors.

Business Ventures and Challenges

Obi Cubana embarked on his career in the hospitality industry, initially working in various establishments before venturing into entrepreneurship. His first business, ‘Crunches Fried Chicken,‘ faced challenges, but his unwavering determination led to its expansion and success.

Cubana Group Formation

In 2006, alongside Paschal Okechukwu, Obi Cubana co-founded ‘Cubana Group.’ What started as a small bar and nightclub in Owerri has evolved into a conglomerate with ventures in hotels, restaurants, lounges, and nightclubs, making him a billionaire.

Philanthropy and Recognition

Obi Cubana’s success extends beyond wealth, marked by significant philanthropy. He has provided scholarships, supported healthcare, and championed various social causes. Recognizing his impactful philanthropic activities, the International Association Of World Peace Advocates (IAWPA) will confer upon him the prestigious title of ‘Mayor Of Peace.’

Legacy and Values

Despite facing controversies, Obi Cubana stands firm, attributing his wealth to hard work. His journey from adversity to prosperity exemplifies the transformative power of dedication and perseverance. As a Peace Diplomat, he continues to impact lives globally, leaving an enduring legacy rooted in success, philanthropy, and an unwavering commitment to peace.

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