Discover The Ethiopian Tribe Where Women Engage In Flogging As Part of Love and Marriage Competition.

Ethiopians have elevated the pursuit of love to an extraordinary extent with the practice of Ukuli Bula in the Omo River Valley. As part of the ritual for boys, women are subjected to flogging, after which the boys are considered eligible for marriage, symbolizing their transition into manhood.

The young women use the occasion to express their affection for the young men who are the focus of the festivities.

Instead of fleeing, the women request the men to lash them during the ceremony and proudly exhibit their injuries as proof of their courage.

As per their custom, the marks demonstrate a woman’s ability to love and persevere.

Additionally, a woman can seek support from those who administered the flogging in case of future need. To minimize the impact of the cane, the women apply butter to their skin.

During the Maza initiation ceremony, family members of the boy being initiated whip young women as part of the ritual.


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