[Story] Ayo And His Military Neighbour’s Wife – Season 1, Episode 1.

Yes, Exactly 7am! I heard Shoutings from the top floor,

This my goddamned neighbour and his wife again.

Lots of noise as they began to fling things at each other.

I wasn’t there, but i knew.

it’s not the first time they are doing this.

My neighbour is a rich man, but barely have time for his family,

Well, let me call them family even though they have no kid since 5 years that they got married.

They argue a lot…And it pisses me off.

I went out to the balcony to eavesdrop.

The man was just blaming her for not giving him a child.

Cursing her and tagging her as barren!

She broke into tears then i heard a slap!

I don’t know who gave who but the slap followed by a door slam.

It was my neighbour, he exited the palour to the balcony.

Watch out for the next episode.

This creative piece was written by Ayohrkarz

(c) Ayohrkarz and officialuniqueblog

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