[INSPIRATIONAL MONDAY] Embracing the Journey: The Power of Trusting the Process

In life, we often focus so intently on our goals that we forget to appreciate the journey itself. We become impatient, wanting to rush through the process and reach our desired outcomes as quickly as possible. However, it is in embracing the process that we find true growth, learning, and fulfillment. Trusting the process means […]

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[FASHION SPOT] – Dakore Egbuson

Dakore Egbuson, the epitome of elegance and style in Nollywood, seamlessly blends grace with fashion savviness. A trendsetter both on and off the screen, Dakore’s fashion choices consistently reflect her innate sense of sophistication. Whether gracing red carpets or effortlessly embracing casual chic, she embodies a timeless and versatile fashion persona. Her ability to curate

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Take a look at FlowzPam’s art! He’s amazing at drawing with pencils and brings his drawings to life. His attention to detail and the way he puts his drawings together are really something. Whether he is drawing people or landscapes, FlowzPam’s art goes above and beyond. Get familiar with his drawings and let him take

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Super talented artiste Hydra signed to Deep End Entertainment has just released his latest track, “Special Lovin“, and it is a vibe you won’t want to miss! “Special Lovin” is a melodic masterpiece that reviews Hydra’s smooth vocals with irresistible beats, creating a journey that will sweep you off your feet. With his lyrics that speak



Born in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, Jude Abaga, popularly known as M.I. Abaga, hails from Takum, Taraba State, with a rich Jukun-Nigerian heritage. His musical journey began at Baptist High School in Jos when his mother introduced him to basic music notations and a 7-key mini piano. With influences ranging from Lauryn Hill to DMX,



Meet Joke Silva, the distinguished Nigerian actress, born on September 29, 1961, in Lagos. For over four decades, she’s been a powerhouse in Nollywood, captivating audiences with her extraordinary talent and versatility. Renowned for her ability to embody diverse characters, Silva has earned acclaim as one of Nollywood’s most respected actresses. Her notable role in


[INSPIRATIONAL MONDAY] Self-Awareness -a key to being a Leader

Self-awareness is the ability to recognize one’s thought,emotions and behaviors. It involves introspection and being conscious of how one’s action impact themselves and others. Self-awareness is essential for leaders because it helps them build strong relationships,understands their impact on others,and adapt their leadership styles to different situations.this promotes personal growth,better decision-making,effective communication,and fostering a positive

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[MUSIC] Sugartee -New Dawn

Sugartee, the sensation known far and wide as the “kissathon boy”! Remember him from the viral Guiness Ultimate Kissathon trend? Well, he’s back, and this time, he’s dropping a hot new track that’s set to shake the music scene! Get ready to groove to his latest single, “NEW DAWN” – it’s not just a song,

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[INTERVIEW] Venturing into Netflix and Cinema projects is a goal I aspire. – Egonu Cynthia

Cynthia Egonu: Greetings to everyone, I am Egonu Cynthia Obianuju, a Nollywood Actress, still on the journey to my destination. Let me introduce myself – I hail from Anambra state and I am the second child in a family of five. My experience in Nollywood has been a journey led by divine guidance. There have

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[Movie Picks] Malaika

“Malaika” is a touching tale about a woman facing infertility and anger issues. Supported by loved ones, she undergoes a spiritual journey, discovering the light in her behavior. This emotional film explores resilience and self-discovery, offering a hopeful narrative of personal transformation. “Malaika” is a heartfelt story of overcoming struggles and embracing one’s true self.

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