[INTERVIEW] Venturing into Netflix and Cinema projects is a goal I aspire. – Egonu Cynthia

Cynthia Egonu: Greetings to everyone, I am Egonu Cynthia Obianuju, a Nollywood Actress, still on the journey to my destination.

Let me introduce myself – I hail from Anambra state and I am the second child in a family of five.

My experience in Nollywood has been a journey led by divine guidance. There have not been any shortcuts or easy paths, just hard work and determination.

OfficialUniqueBlog: Could you tell us a little about your experience in the Nollywood sector so far? What prompted you to pursue acting, and how have you progressed in your profession to this point?

Cynthia Egonu: Acting is in my blood. Since childhood, I has been my dream, and now I am living it. I believe it is a calling, and I am grateful for the progress I have made so far, all thanks to God’s faithfulness.

OfficialUniqueBlog: Many ambitious performers have difficulty getting into the mainstream. What challenges have you faced, and how have you overcome them to establish yourself in the industry.

Cynthia Egonu: Certainly, there have been challenges. As an upcoming actor, I faced hurdles dealing with directors, production managers, and even senior colleagues. A senior colleague splashed dirty water on me on set but I won’t go into details, some insulted me, some spoke to me rudely probably because I was playing a minor role as at that time. Despite some unpleasant experiences, I focused on my goals and didn’t let the negativity discourage me. There were instances of disrespect and unprofessional behaviour on set, but I will rather delve into details another time.

OfficialUniqueBlog: Nollywood is renowned for its unique storytelling. What roles or genres are you most interested in exploring, and why?

Cynthia Egonu: Nollywood excels in storytelling, and I particularly enjoy roles in epic movies. They allow me to delve into our rich African heritage and history. Glamourous and romantic roles also appeal to me; they offer a different kind of joy in storytelling.

OfficialUniqueBlog: As your career progresses, how do you strike a balance between keeping true to your artistic vision and meeting industry demands and expectations.

Cynthia Egonu: It is crucial to stay true to oneself amidst industry pressures. I prioritized honing my craft and avoided compromising situations. The industry has high demands but thank God for my godmother who God used to bring me to the screen, I wouldn’t mention her name because she’s not a fan of interviews and she loves to keep a low profile. Hopefully in the nearest future I will tell the world about her because you can’t hide a star from shining. The demands and expectations are very high but I am navigating through.

OfficialUniqueBlog: What advice would you give to budding actors looking to build a name for themselves in Nollywood?

Cynthia Egonu: Stay prayerful, resilient, and never compromise your integrity for roles. Invest in your craft, education, and communication skills. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and seek guidance.

OfficialUniqueBlog: Collaboration is imperative in filmmaking. Can you tell us about a particularly memorable experience working with a director, cast, or crew that has influenced your development as an actress?

Cynthia Egonu: I have had some memorable experiences working with certain directors. There are three in particular that I cherish collaborating with. One of them is Emeka Amakeze, he has been like a mentor to me in the industry, guiding me not just as a director but also as an actor, producer, and speaker. Another director is Ugezu J Ugezu, he has played a significant role in my journey, and I owe a lot of my success to him. Lastly, my own mother, who is also a director, has been a source of inspiration and guidance.

When it comes to fellow actors, there are many talented individuals I have had the pleasure of working with, including Chacha Eka, Queen Nwokoma, Juilet Njemanze, Queen Nwokoye, and Zubby Michael. Additionally, my admiration extends to the production teams I have collaborated with, such as Mercy Real Productions, Ngozi Ezeonu TV, Starking Productions, and Madvi. I have developed good relationships with everyone on set, especially with my production managers like Stanley Nguchiyerem and others. I also want to give a special mention to my celebrity makeup artist, whose expertise has greatly influenced me. These individuals form my core support system in the industry.

OfficialUniqueBlog: Social media and digital platforms have become essential tools for actors to communicate with their audiences. How do you use these technologies to engage with your followers and promote your work?

Cynthia Egonu: Social media is a powerful tool for engaging with fans and promoting work. Regular updates, giveaways, and interaction help maintain a strong connection with followers.

OfficialUniqueBlog: Nollywood has changed greatly over time. What changes or innovations do you see in the industry, and how do you envision yourself contributing to its growth?

Cynthia Egonu: Nollywood is evolving, with our movies reaching global platforms like Netflix and cinemas. Although I haven’t had the opportunity to explore Netflix or cinema projects at this point, I remain optimistic about the gradual growth of my career.

OfficialUniqueBlog: If you could go back in time, what would you have done differently that you know would have boosted your career even more than this?

Cynthia Egonu: If I could go back, I might have explored producing to diversify my career and income streams.

OfficialUniqueBlog: Is there a particular Actor/Actress you look up to as a role model, if yes how did the person inspire you?

Cynthia Egonu: Ngozi Ezeonu, Chacha Eka, Zubby Michael, and Emeka Amakeze inspire me with their talent and work ethic.

OfficialUniqueBlog: Finally, what upcoming projects can your fans look forward to, and what are your career goals in the near future?

Cynthia Egonu: I have had the privilege of appearing in numerous films such as “Time on Blood,” “Time Froze,” “Anything for Love,” and “The Housemaid,” among others. You can find them available for viewing on platforms like Ngozi Ezeonu TV on YouTube and occasionally on DSTV.

Thank you all, and I remain Egonu Cynthia Obianuju, affectionately known as Queen. PS: Despite challenges, I trust in God’s timing for breakthroughs in various aspects of my life. Have a wonderful day!

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