Iyabo Ojo hints at her forthcoming talk show titled “Gold Room.”

Iyabo Ojo is undeniably a veteran in the entertainment business. She’s an actress, content creator, and fashion star, and now she’s wearing a new hat as the host of her very own talk show, “Gold Room.”

“Hey guys, I’m super excited about my new baby,” she said in a teaser video shared on her YouTube channel on Tuesday, July 26. “This is an official announcement. The Gold Room with Iyabo Ojo, where top entrepreneurs, dignitaries, celebrities, and entertainers get to share their stories on their journey to success, will air this Saturday. It’s a different journey for everyone. Some had a smooth road, some rough, and some in between, but in the end, we get to hear and learn from the horse’s mouth. It’s definitely going to be entertaining, educative, and informative.”

The first episode is set to drop on Saturday, July 30.

Watch the teaser video below:

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