Cuppy has inaugurated a scholarship fund to provide support for African postgraduate students studying at Oxford.

Cuppy, a highly renowned DJ and music producer, has revealed her latest initiative, a scholarship fund that will aid African postgraduate students enrolled at the University of Oxford. The Cuppy Africa Oxford Scholars Fund aims to assist potential leaders from the African continent by granting them access to critical resources, networks, and skills that will allow them to maximize their impact in Africa and the rest of the world. The scholarship will also help African graduate students at Oxford to address unforeseen financial challenges and participate in endeavors that promote excellence in their postgraduate studies, as stated by Oxford University.


In a statement, Cuppy expressed her pride in launching the Cuppy Africa Oxford Scholars Fund to empower future generations of African graduate students at Oxford University.

Having just graduated with an MSc degree in African Studies myself, I saw first-hand the variances in university life experiences for students originating from my continent, Africa. The fundamental role that the Cuppy Fund will play is to narrow resource gaps for those who need it the most so they can fully commit to pursuing the education they deserve. The opportunity to study at Oxford is an accomplishment but one fully realised when you are able to complete your course.


The fund is a partnership with Africa Oxford Initiative (AfOx), a cross-university platform that advocates for an engagement at Oxford with Africa and facilitates research collaborations between African institutions and Oxford. The new fund will complement the existing African Graduate Support Fund and provide additional resources to AfOx.

“We are absolutely delighted that Cuppy is so generously supporting African graduate students here at Oxford. We both share the experience of being African graduate students at Oxford and it is a great honour for AfOx to partner with Cuppy to address some of the unique challenges that African students might encounter during their time at Oxford. The Cuppy Africa Oxford Scholars Fund will help to ensure that they have access to the best possible support to navigate and succeed at Oxford, and continue on to remarkable careers as champions of development in African countries and globally,” said Dr Anne Makena, Co-Director of AfOx at the University of Oxford.


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