November 27, 2022

OfficialUniqueBlog: If you were not a production manager, what will you be doing?

Tontirin: An Actor.

OfficialUniqueBlog: What is your regular day like?

Tontirin: I am an indoor person so regularly I am always indoor.

OfficialUniqueBlog: What do you think is the future of production management, five years from now?

Tontirin: I think 5years from now, production managers would be more celebrated and recognized as the backbone of every production.

OfficialUniqueBlog: What is your drive?

Tontirin: My love for Art is the drive. It pushes me to go extra miles.

OfficialUniqueBlog: How has collaboration changed your career?

Tontirin: It has strengthened my focus and built a new version of myself.

OfficialUniqueBlog: If you can change anything in the industry today, what will you introduce?

Tontirin: Change is constant, there would always be a change to make. I will introduce the TonTirin effect. I will make sure that the crew members of a film prodare given more voice and recognition

OfficialUniqueBlog: Which other area will you love to explore in the near future?

Tontirin: For now I just want adventure I want to travel round the world 😀😀

OfficialUniqueBlog: Do you think social media digital contents are fast catching up with terrestrial TV productions?

Tontirin: No I don’t think so, it takes a whole lot to make movies besides the sky is big enough for everyone to fly. They will both thrive and none would replace another.

OfficialUniqueBlog: From Production Manager to Skit Making, how did this develop?

Tontirin: Skit making started for me when Boda Shaggi  and I was on a movie set together in which I managed the movie. The title of the Film is “Kan sho si be”. On that set I acted along side me Shagi. So when the film came out I guess Shaggi liked our combination and that lead to him reaching out to me. I thought he wanted me on a movie or production but instead he introduced me to Skit making. We had a production date fixed and instantly he opened an Instagram page for me with the name  Tontirin. The skit is doing well for the production management because it automatically gets me good jobs from people and the production manager is also helping the skit making.

OfficialUniqueBlog: What is your relationship with Boda Shaggi?

Tontirin: He is a role model and even more. I will refer to him as my brother brother because I see him as family. 🩸😀

OfficialUniqueBlog: So far, are you fulfilled?

Tontirin: Fulfillment is a threshold, after one fulfillment you girdle up for another phase…. We keep wining till death comes….success and fulfillment all the way.

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