October 2, 2022

Multi-talented, female fast rising artiste Unique a.k.a Microphone Rocker, has over the years dropped singles upon singles ranging from the most recent POKA ft. Flex B (the Umbelle crooner and street influencer), Too Far ft. Endeetone (a versatile music producer and artiste), and Osanle ft. Candybleakz (Chocolate city) signee with over 50,000 streams attached to these singles.

In view of this, it is with joy that we announce that this time she is coming through with an EP titled EMPRESS.

Empress is a female ruler. This is a young girl after several hustles and strives is trying to represent the phase or part where she can finally say to an extent that she is ruling her kingdom and in this EP lies several messages pointing in that direction. It talks about where she’s coming from, where she is and where she is going to.

A little dive of all shades of Unique “the Empress herself” is exactly the journey this EP is set to take you on.

In this EP you will find where she has created her own space and she is not here to drag a tussle with anybody. It explains the cry of a hustler and clamour for a better life. You will find a love story, you will find the struggle of how the journey started, how people commended and condemned and you will find the part where she sailed on her numerous wish list.

On this same project you will find the struggle of staying Sane and balancing being a good girl and a bad girl at once.

In all of this, you would have discovered the EMPRESS in Unique Microphone Rocker.

On the 8th of May, 2021 Unique Microphone Rocker hosted a listening party in honour of the Empress EP listening party at Ocha Lounge along Akesan road, Igando, Lagos which a few family, friends and fans were invited to enjoy and get familiar with the songs on the EP before its release. The Ep featured Suzie Ocean, Zeemyght and Soundboy Teazy.

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