October 1, 2022

Official Unique is a brand which purpose is driven by passion for entrepreneurs and entertainers within and across borders. In the light of our objective, the brand is motivated to award consistent individuals and brands in their various fields for their consistent efforts in business. Hard work deserves to be rewarded and this is why we have decided to put these creatives at the forefront, transforming their unsung hero status to being heroes, and in the face of many.

The Official Unique Award is unveiled to serve and celebrate personalities and brands for their amazing feats over the years and as a result of this we set up a 6 to 7 man team to create and analyze the criteria on which an individual or brand can be nominated for the award.  We also want you to know that the Award Categories have been divided into sub categories which are

Voting Categories
Non Voting Categories
Recognition Categories

Most important to note, is that the Voting Category is where we have a list of the Awards categories and the public get to nominate individuals or brands that they find eligible to be in these categories, but using the criteria attached as guide lines.

The Non Voting Categories would not be determined by voting, as well as the Recognition Categories. Those will be determined by the unanimous decision of team members and committees of Official Unique Award.

Nomination Process

Below you will find the Award Categories and the criteria attached to what makes a brand or individual qualified for each Category. To nominate an individual or a brand you comment the following in the comment box under this post.




Another way you can nominate an individual or brand is by going to Officialuniqueblog on IG then search for the category then comment the Instagram handle of the individual or brand under that post.

Criteria for Official Unique Awards Nominating Category

  1. Social Influencer

Must have large Social Media reach and power to influence or persuade others by virtue of their credibility.

  1. Hype Man of the Year

Features at clubs and other events, Creative, Energetic and can ginger the Crowd.

  1. DJ of the year

Played at events, Creative, Consistent and have mix tapes.

  1. Artiste of the Year

Consistent, got hit songs, at least a Video, radio plays and must have performed in a couple of shows.

  1. Next Rated Artiste of the Year

Talented, got recorded songs and performed in a few shows.

  1. Song of the Year

Making waves and trends, massive downloads and streams on Audiomack or other digital platforms.

  1. Comedian of the Year

Standup comedian, creative and must have proof of performances at events.

  1. Event Planner of the Year

Must have handled several events successfully.

  1. Model of the year

Must have a professional portfolio that showcases jobs done for at least one top brand

  1. Film Producer of the year

Must have produced notable films

  1. Music Producer of the year

Must have produced a reasonable number of hit songs/beats

  1. Actress Of the year

Must have featured in a considerable number of films and one in a lead or supporting role (Female)

  1. Actor of the year

Must have featured in a considerable number of films and one in a lead or supporting role (Male)

  1. Cake Brand of the year

Consistent, great baker, creative designer and decorator

  1. Innovative Youth

Individual with a new creation that is relevant to the society

  1. Makeup Artist of the year

Creative and must showcase mastery of the makeup art either for movies or social events

  1. Fashion Brand of the year

Aesthetic and creative wears that make a statement

  1. Photographer of the Year

Exceptional, beautiful and creative pictures

  1. MC of the year

Amazing audience interaction, creative and lively

  1. Blogger of the year

Consistent, active, manages a website

  1. Graphic designer of the year.

Created professional designs with a job done for at least one top brand

  1. Humanitarian of the year

Made charitable impact and must have a positive influence on the society

  1. Online TV of the year

Large followership, engagements and content filled

  1. Music Manager of the year

Must be knowledgeable about music, the industry and business aspect; should also have experience in artiste management.

  1. OAP of the year

Consistent, engaging and active on air

  1. Presenter of the year

Eloquent, smart and hosted a few events.

  1. Film of the year

It must have an interesting, creative and educative storyline. Good use of film features and quality video.

  1. Film Director of the year

Must have directed a considerable number of films and understands the concept of directing.

  1. Dancer of the Year

Creative and must have a professional portfolio

  1. Celebrity of the Year

People’s Favorite, Influential and dominating his or her field

  1. Artist of the Year

Talented, creative, and has a collection of beautiful artworks

  1. Entrepreneur of the year

Diligent, hardworking, consistent, and a great business structure with testimonies

  1. Gospel Artiste Of the year

Consistent and should be doing well in the gospel genre

  1. Skit Maker of the year

Funny, creative and should have large engagements

  1. Album of the year

Must have at least 2 hit songs on the album and should be doing well on streaming platforms

  1. EP of the year

Accepted by core fans and doing well on streaming platforms.


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