October 1, 2022

Over the years your favorite girl Unique have dropped singles upon singles and she is glad to announce that her first project for the year 2021, she will be releasing An EP titled EMPRESS.

She says the title EMPRESS is a female ruler. This is a young girl after several hustles and strive is trying to represent the phase or part where she can finally say to an extent that she is ruling her kingdom and in this EP lies several messages pointing to that direction. It talks about where she’s coming from, where she is and where she is going to.

See Tracklist Below:

  1. Loke Loke
  2. Woni ft. Suzie Ocean
  3. I Want This
  4. Asiko ft. Zeemyght
  5. Duro ft. Soundboy Teazy
  6. Ballers
  7. Gyrate

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