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[Inspirational Monday] Measuring Happiness

Happiness is an emotional state characterized by feelings of joy, satisfaction, contentment, and fulfillment. Most people generally measure happiness with the number of good happening around them.

People tie their happiness on when they get a job, a promotion at work, achieving their projects and some even to the tiniest thing like buying a new phone and in general anything that brings progress or joy to their soul.

While scattering my head on what to write on this topic I remembered the story of my friend who saved his ass out to get the latest IPhone 11 when it just came out with the mindset of being tagged among the biggest boys and you know the amount of an IPhone In the market so I don’t need to emphasis that part of the story.  Eventually, when the money was complete he went to buy the phone slept with so much joy in his heart and to our greatest surprise IPhone 11 pro max was out the next day and immediately followed the release of IPhone 12.

I don’t want to bore you with a lengthy write up I am just here to remind you that this life comes in phases and you need to be emotionally stable to derive your strength from inside of you rather than material things which are never permanent.

So the best way to sail on a happy boat is to bear at the back of your mind that your happiness should not be measured by Material things and always expect the unexpected knowing that A new phone can be stolen or be spoilt, You can be sacked from your job and a lot more can happen on this journey.

– Oluwatoyosi Malomo

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