October 6, 2022


The SOY ALBUM itself has a personal effect on me because I’ve watched carefully, we planned meticulously and yes, God is the greatest, Loud it!

I’ve seen this!

LEGZUS, my man! In his usual character delivered on this one.. SOY, Kudos Onyememe, you are doing VERY WELL πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ.
The ALBUM creation in summary; “Hardwork and faith” of which I believe has paid off and will keep on paying off…more albums and awards are coming, and Legzus will stay working relentlessly on the music, on God! This young man is out to change the WORLD 🌍🌟…
You would hear entering lines in the verses but you wouldn’t be deprived of the pleasure of hearing pure verses of consciousness as LEGZUS’s tried to make this SOY album vast.
If you believe! Anything is possible..
Thanks to all those who have been a big part of this project… Our friends and fathers in the radio houses, bloggers, supports, the artists that made an impact in the making of the album. At this point, I’d advise you to listen to and enjoy each track. Open up to something out of the deep 🧞🌊🌊
.. Love Leads Always ..

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