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Raymist Fun Trip 2: All you need to know

The year 2020 is gone, and in all of its roughness, Raymist Management Company ended it in grand style for it’s fans and music lovers.All you need to know about Raymist Fun Trip 2Raymist Fun Trip 2 was held at the luxurious Atican Beach Lekki, Lagos State on Dec 27th and it was a complete SUCCESS. The thrills, the journey, the music, the enthusiasm of the boarders and unexpected obstacles that tried to halt it, made it a trip that won’t be forgotten easily.All you need to know about Raymist Fun Trip 2A little bit of delay at the beginning as some boarders didn’t get to the converging point in time. But right after that, the buses left for the beach. Right in the bus, the head of RMC, Daniel Scott Eleh addressed the audience about the goals and vision of Raymist Management Company as a brand.All you need to know about Raymist Fun Trip 2

At 3:55pm, the 2 buses and a car arrived at Artican Beach Lekki. Although some fans appeared to be tired, their eyes and mind were up and ready to have fun.

It didn’t take much effort to get in as the entire Raymist crew led the fans to their spot in the beach.All you need to know about Raymist Fun Trip 2

Right from that moment, the bumbling spirit to have fun jumped out of fans. they took snaps with their phones, some went ahead to ride horses, rock jangilovas and network with new people.

It’s noteworthy to state that while all this was happening, the RMC team was in place to make sure things go smoothly.All you need to know about Raymist Fun Trip 2

One of the few obstacles experienced at the event was the fact that for unknown reasons power supply was suddenly out of the tent were the event is to hold at die minute.

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With the help of Entertainers like DJ Silent Toh Bad, DJ Teemax, Mc Hype and the enthusiastic fans, the event didn’t come to a hault, fans vibed to alternative music from a closer tent, ate their delicacies and followed it up with a quick change to their beach wears.All you need to know about Raymist Fun Trip 2

There’s always light at the end of the tunnel. The light in this scenario was close to the beach waters, were all the wetness and music made it a beautiful scenery of class and sexiness.

The photographer didn’t waste any shot, picking the right angles to capture how happy and grateful the fans are to be here.All you need to know about Raymist Fun Trip 2

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Dance and music. Photo clicks 📷 and smiles. Body touching and laughter. Indeed we can say that, Raymist Fun Trip 2 started with a goal down, only to come back to win with 2 goals ahead.

8.12pm, as the fans converged in the buses, different stories of their experiences ensued. They didn’t hesitate to follow it with all sorts of banters too.

All you need to know about Raymist Fun Trip 2In conclusion, the head/founder of Raymist Management Company, in his words says;

Thank you all for coming through, we will continue to grow… We won’t stop, we will work on our flaws and get better. Once again, Thank you.”

All you need to know about Raymist Fun Trip 2For enquiries and bookings of Raymist Management Company, you can call or follow them on socials:

📱: 09058935157.

Instagram: @RaymistMgtCompany

Twitter: RaymistMgt

Raymist Management Company (2020)


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