Tiwa savage Celia Album Review

It’s a season of back to back music and guess who just dropped another album? TIWA SAVAGE!!. Tiwatope Savage better known as Tiwa savage is arguably the number one female artiste in Africa for close to a decade now and she doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon.

Tiwa’s fourth studio album titled Celia (which also is her mum’s name) is here. The 13 tracked album is set to take it’s listeners to a whole new level of Tiwa savage. Featuring just a handful of artistes, Tiwa expressed herself freely on each songs  and it all fits into her own style.

It’s just 24 hours after the album release and  I just finished streaming the album. Guys!! This is what I have to say about the songs.

Save my life.

Tiwa savage starts the album with a sexual song and I think it’s fine. But then, it’s amazing how the title “Save my life” potrays a different meaning until when you listen to it. Save my life talks about Tiwa’s sexual desires and how she wants to be saved from it. Reekado Bank did a wonderful back up to this project, I had to listen again to identify that it was him. 6/10.


I don’t think there’s a song titled “Ole” that doesn’t hit hard. I mean, this is a hit waiting for it’s video to be shot. Produced by Rexxie Pon da beat, Ole is an mid tempo Afro beats, the street will love this one. Naira Marley’s verse is catchy and easy to mime, impressive. The dramatic outro of the song also paints a picture of what “Ole” means. Great. 8/10.


I love the way the intro of his songs is done with Patuas. Tiwa continues to explore her sexualities on this album. Steflon don vocals sliced into the song perfectly with some pidgin to it, see I’m surprised. Dice Ailes never dissapoints too, the way he “cuts & deepen” into his verse completed the song. “. Bum bum bigger than Bombay” 8/10.

Parkwell ft Davido.

I love the trumpet on this laid back tune titled Park well. This is what a loveable Afrobeats should sound like I’m guessing “Parkwell” will be definitely have it’s own video. Davido’s husky voice adds the needed edge to it. And yeah, speroach the producer knows his onions. 8/10.

Us (interlude)

I can feel Tiwa savage’s soul listening to this. This song carries alot of emotions of Tiwa’s life experiences, although she didn’t dive into much details, one can still relate emotionally to it. I feel this as to do with her failed marriage, I might be wrong tho. Beautiful piece of work that you can zone to. 7/10.


Fuck with my mind (FWMM)

This is an up tempoed song with a progressive pace to it. This would sell to the foreign fans, it’s a delightful mix of RNB and pop together.. On “FWMM” Tiwa kept it 100, she keeps telling her spouse “Dont fuck with my mind, I’m more than tities & ass”… The back up that ushered the outro is beautiful too. 7/10.

Pakalamisi ft Hamzaa.

Honestly pakalamisi didn’t do it for me. It felt just like another Tiwa’s song about love and sex. Nothing extraordinary. Produced by Uzedikuz nwannem, his beat did enough to complement the vocals of both artistes. And I felt the featured artiste “Hamzaa” had more than enough auto tunes on her voice. 6/10.


Glory will appeal to the lovers of mid tempo music, the beat as some rock and roll feels to it. It’s a song that can be gently vibed to. Tiwa talks about how she wants to live to tell her story and enjoy her glory. The claps that lays the chorus is an amazing addition to the production. 6/10 for me.


Guys!! Tiwa savage already set the tone of this album from the beginning, Temptation is another sexual tune, Tiwa featured international soul singer Sam Smith and it proves to be great decision. “You give me temptation, that’s all I see when I look at you” Tiwa sings on the chorus. Amazing. I’m a sucker for trumpets guys, I heard a few here too. 7/10.


This is my favorite on the Celia album. I absolutely love the fact that fans can vibe, dance and sing along to this piece. Infectious beat, easy lyrics, wonderful feeling and a well spent 2:36 mins of ones time. “Koroba Koroba Koroba” Great. 9/10.

Dangerous Love.

This is a perfect blend of RNB and Afro beats.  Dangerous love takes its listeners to another level of emotions and connectivity. On this chune, Tiwa sings about a young lady falling in and out of her relationship, knowingly fully well that it’s a toxic one but at the same time finding it hard to move on. The chants that laced the chorus makes it a perfect one. 8/10.

Celia’s song.

Finally the Celia song is here. Celia’s the name of this body of work and its also the name of Tiwa’s mum. A great feeling of gratitude and thanks is what you feel when you listen to Celia’s song. Halleluyah guys!! This is the “gospel” like song that we didn’t expect on the album. 7/10.


Last but the least on the album. “If you don’t give me attention, I will get it from someone else. When was the last time you tell me to bend over, so make you jam am enter” Tiwa sings sexually again on this jam. This sounds like an album filler to me, nothing extra. 6/10.

If you ask me I will say it that Celia isnt a bad album. This project proves the number on girl of Africa” still has what it takes to get the attention of millions of music fans in the world. (Celia album Rating: 7/10)

Thank you.

Written by Daniel Scott Eleh (Follow on Instagram @_daniellscott) #RMC

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