October 6, 2022

Adedamola Adefolahan better known as Fireboy as done it again! After the success of his debut album titled Laughter, Tears and Goosebumps (LTG) in 2019, the young champ has not for once slowed down on his journey to greatness.

And while his counterparts are still playing it safe with EPs and singles, Fireboy DML is back with his sophomore album titled Apollo.

APOLLO is a 17 tracked album by Fireboy DML (released Aug. 20th), a project that embodies a mix of genres and emotions.

Everyone is asking questions, isn’t fireboy moving too fast? Is it the right time for an album? Are the songs of great quality?

Well the Apollo Album is here already and I have listened to it repeatedly.

Guys, here is a review of the songs on the Apollo album.


A confident way to start the Apollo album if you ask me. Fireboy has gained enough of confidence now to call himself a champion. On this tune, he featured D smoke who delivered a great rap on the second verse to complement the song.

Champion is that tune that you would love to listen to early in the morning. The “Angelic” back up smoothens the song and lifts ones mood 6/10.

Spell ft Wande Coal

This one will reign on the dance floor. I mean, you can’t listen to this song without bopping your head and tapping your feets to it. This song titled “Spell” will cast a spell on you.

It’s a mix of Afrobeats and some old skool rock and roll, it brings back some Micheal Jackson memories too. (Ouh!!!) Although Wande Coal added some flavors to this tune, it wouldn’t have been felt if he was absent. (7/10)

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The flute in this song just sets the mood on another romantic level. Beautiful song. “Jah Elijah, She dey cause wahala for area, someone come save me from Delilah” Fireboy sings on the chorus.

Eli tells the story of a lonely girl living in a lonely world and all she wants is to be loved for who she is. And guys, I like the back up style that’s been used on this album. Cool. 7/10


Fireboy shows how sexual he can be on this song. Guys, If you want to have that “alone” time with your spouse, Tattoo is the jam tor you.. Hehe.

A laid back RnB tune that has the power to serenade anyone’s feelings. A tune. 7/10.

Ladies and gentlemen, Pheelz is an amazing album producer.

Favourite song

Seems fireboy has been listening to alot of old skool jams, possibly Micheal Jackson collections. Favourite song brings back memories of the 80’s music, the days of “kick and follow” where we just want to love and dance in the rain. Good song. (6/10)

“I no dey fake am, it’s my lifestyle” Fireboy sings on a bumpy beat. Lifestyle talks about how Fireboy is now accustomed to his new lifestyle and how he doesn’t care about negativity.

Nothing extraordinary to this song to be honest. Just an okay song. 5/10.

Airplane mode

This is a soulful and calm tune to drive the message home for Fireboy. Airplane mode is a beautiful song.

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The ticks and underground pads it’s laid with makes it a complete mood on its own. “Sometimes Fireboy just wants to be on his own” and it’s okay if you ask me. 7/10.

24 (Interlude)

Well this is not a song, it’s an interlude. Since the album is already half way, this is an interlude to prepare you for the second half of the album. (No ratings)


Okay now the album is becoming a genre mix ranging from Pop music to alternative to soul to folk music. All at the same time. I’m a mess of emotions right now.

Dreamer is an amazing tune that talks about a one sided love you don’t want to experience. This would fit well in cinema Blockbusters. 7/10.

Afar ft Olamide

Finally, the Father and son collaboration. Fireboy insists that he is okay with people loving him from afar, while he thinks and grow to become a legend.

I don’t like the fact that this song isn’t longer than 2:51 mins, I expected another verse from Fireboy. But it’s fine. 6/10.

Go Away

Listening to this song, all I can see in my mind is Fireboy walking in a beach, wearing a loose white shirt with shorts while he reminisces about his love.

Go Away is a vibe to listen to when you want to reminisce and escape your environment. Fireboy achieved simplicity with his tune. 6/10


Guys!! I love this Shade song like crazy. “Shade e dey your body. Shade just whine it for Daddy.” Fireboy ma pa mi now.

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The foreign audience will definitely love this song, it as an appealing vibe to it. Pheelz needs to be awarded the album producer of the year. Bravo! 7/10

Friday feeling

Fireboy still has a long way to go when it comes to party jams. Fine, it’s not his specialty but he can do better than this. He struggled all through this song to bring a party vibe to it, plus he’s too relaxed to make Nigerians dance. Sigh, a no no for me. (4/10)

God only knows

Fireboy goes spiritual with his love this time around. In my own opinion, ‘God only knows’ has the ability to make you feel love, gospel and meditation at once.

At some point, I thought I was worshipping in church just listening to it. The angelic feeling and chants completed the song. 6/10


Honestly this sounds like an advert song to me. Big brands should tap into the feeling this song comes with, Fireboy should grab endorsements with this song.

Happy and lively tune. 7/10

Remember me

At last, we are here. Remember me is the perfect way to bring the album to a close. Remember me reminds us that our life is finite and when our time is done, we will have no choice than to leave.

Fireboy wants us to remember him and tell the world his stories long after his gone. What a song! 8/10

So guys!! There you have it. Apollo album from my own lenses. Good album (6.5/10)

Author: Daniel Scott Eleh
Instagram/Twitter: @_daniellscott

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