October 1, 2022


1) Shaving people’s heads like they’re scraping concrete with a rake.

Oy! You’re a barber cutting hair, not a pirate digging for treasure. Take it easy with people’s heads.

2) Gisting while cutting hair.

Can you please pay attention? Gisting with people is how you lose focus and end up fucking up customers’ hairlines.

3) Taking breaks to change music.

People have other shit to do. Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” does nothing for your haircutting skills.

4) Slicing your head open while carving people’s hairlines.

Calm down, Sweeney Todd!

5) Pouring spirit on people’s heads without warning.

The thing dey pain na.

6) When they use too much powder and then forget to wipe it off.

So then you unknowingly walk about looking like a cocaine addict.

7) Putting those fancy haircut posters on their walls, implying that they can do the hairstyles when they know damn well they can’t.

I hate fraudulent people.


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