October 2, 2022

Have you ever collected a song and it’s just titled TRACK ONE…or Maybe it’s just saved with the artiste NAME? Or the TITLE alone? (No producer)…. Well this is because the META DATA of the song is not completely filled in…📱🎧

So what is METADATA?? METADATA is the complete information a song should carry that would make it easier for fans to relate to it, it’s origin & owner of the song… You know sometimes you have a song on your phone 📱 & when you click on the details to see…… The genre? The Album? The date?…..you realise that it’s saying “UNKNOWN”….

Again, this is because the METADATA was not filled in COMPLETELY after the song was finalised.

So you as an artiste, when you go to the STUDIO to record, when you’re done with it make sure that all the METADATA are filled correctly by the producer/your team.

Don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t matter because it DOES. Apart from the fact that it makes your song slick & professional to whoever as it, it also makes it easy for streaming platforms like Audiomack, Spotify, Apple music 💽🎧📱 n co to rank your song where it belongs to. (this in turn increase your streams)…. Okay? Alright. Next!!

2. Have you ever been to a STUDIO so fine & classy that you thought to yourself ” Omo this studio mad!! Mad oo!! Any song person record for here na Banger!!!”??…💥

Fortunately (or not) you now record in that studio with the producer, but you REALIZED that the most important thing is not the STUDIO but the PRODUCER/PRODUCTION…. chai it can pain 😭

As an Artiste always remember that the STUDIO is not the everything (Although important), the PRODUCER and PRODUCTION you will get is the KOKO…. Don’t fall for the beauty, go for the quality…& I’m sure your song will come out TOPS.


Daniel Scott Eleh

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