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Why artiste and producers should Bond before doing a song….


Every now and then, artiste sends me their song 🎧 to review for them. And among the common things have noticed, the most common of them all is LACK OF BOND between the Producer & the Artiste… 🤔

Now an Artiste writes a song 🎧 and decided to hit the studio to record…he gets there & meet this producer who is also good in what he does… what should be the first thing to do? BONDING. Without the artiste & the producer bonding first, the song will not attain maximum QUALITY no matter how good the artiste or the producer is. Trust me guys, I have heard songs where I could tell confidently that the Artiste & producer don’t like themselves.. 😭 Like for real.

If you’re not feeling the producer, if his jam/instrumental is not connecting to your soul….If you’re just TRYING to go with the flow but deep down it’s not connecting… Do not WORK with that producer. Why? Because it will tell in the song..badly.

Same goes for the Producer. Often times, some producers who might not be feeling you will just say to themselves “See make I just do this job collect my money, I no say na wack him dey do”…But it’s WRONG.
Although no be their fault sometimes, e fit be the only job dem don see since Monday be that….. Sigh 😐

So what am I saying? You as an artiste should know that finding a producer that understands your strength & weakness is very important. Apart from Wizkid (who is an Ashewo of beats), Most of your favorite A list Artistes have stable in house producers that VIBE with them. Davido with speroach, Olamide with Pheelz, Burna boy with Kel p vibes….the list goes on…

So my frend, on this journey to Music stardom, there are several steps to it. Finding producer(s) you CONNECT to is one of them, & please be open minded.. Don’t because of this write up now be concluding that “dis one no connect, dat one no connect”…. You get!? Thank you.

Daniel Scott Eleh

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