October 1, 2022
Many want to be rich but don’t know How.
Wealth has to be created. Any act of creation need a Creator. Therefore here are 8 steps to wealth creation itemized by THE ONLY LOVE DOCTOR ON RADIO Daniel Akpata.
    The 8 Steps are:
1.  Discover your gifts, talents, and potential. Your goal is tied to gift. You need to discover your temperament, love language and your purpose.
2.  Discover your target market. Money flows in exchange of value, your net worth determine your network.
3.  Develop your product or service.
SWOT – meaning
S… Strength
4.  Develop your uniqueness and package, your product, service and your packages.
5.  Publicize your product or service.
Good product+ no publicity= Bad Sales
Good product+ Good publicity= Good sales.
6.  Market your product and service.  Note that Publicity is different from marketing.
7.  Manage your Cash Flow.
“Yes cash flow” you need to know how to manage your cashflow, you must know how to manage your cash flow in order to create wealth. Have your income and expenses book.
8.  Enjoy your Wealth. Yes people loose their money because they don’t know how to enjoy their wealth, don’t die before your time.

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