October 6, 2022

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If you don’t have MONEY for MISCELLANEOUS as an upcoming artiste/entertainer, drop everything you’re doing and go and sort that out FIRST.

Some few days ago, someone in this group was asking ‘how to promote an artiste?….He wanted to know about how PROMOTION is been done so result can be achieved…. But before we go into that, there’s something called MISCELLANEOUS & if you as an Upcoming artiste can’t do that first…then there’s serious PROBLEM.

MISCELLANEOUS is that kinda money you spend here and there in making sure your song/activities is moving one step at a time. Miscellaneous is that money you spend on Tfare from your house to the show…then back to the studio….from there you move straight to see one of the big DJ’s you want to give your CD to play for you…🚌

Miscellaneous is that 3,000 naira or so you use for subscription so that you can upload your links on all your social media & find opportunities through your phone 📱…. That money you gave to that upcoming blogger to upload your song?.. That one too na MISCELLANEOUS.

It’s Important to know that all this are not PROMOTION yet. All this moves you’re making as an upcoming here and there are what I call MISCELLANEOUS spending..

That time wey you go club, you hail the DJ and MC Eh!!!!!! Baba whatsup now? Jam my song now 🎧….the DJ play your song & the MC hype you 🙃….After all is said and done, as you dey go you gave them 1,000 naira each….This too na MISCELLANEOUS spending.

I’m sure you get my point now right? Before you talk about PROMOTION make sure you can handle all this petty spendings first 💰…or else you’re kidding yourself. Someone might be thinking, ah ah I know all this now…But you will surprised if I tell you that have seen artiste who can’t even tfare themselves to where their BREAKTHROUGH is waiting for them.

To cap it all up, if you’re not doing anything yet that’s bringing money & you don’t have any external source of income to handle the MISCELLANEOUS spending your music career demands…..you need to drop everything right now & sort that out FIRST.

Daniel Scott Eleh

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