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As an artiste, What will be when the Covid 19 is over….

When this Covid 19 pandemic is all over, the underground WORK being done will speak for the real entertainers…Those who didn’t get the scope, will struggle to catch up. But those who got it & did their assignment deligently will get rewarded.📱📸💰

Since the begining of the Lockdown, thousands of events as been put on hold & everyone as been forced to stay at home. Now since we all at home & there’s so much of free time, where do we turn to?

Family. 👫 Food. 🍞 Social media. 📱What else?

The A List artistes are already doing their Jobs, which is keeping your attention glued to them. 📸Now there’s so much of Celebrities going Live on Instagram, challenging themselves, doing live concerts and giving you something to enjoy ONLINE.🙃💃🏽 At least if we can’t go out, we have our phone right?

But that’s not my real concern. I’m more concerned about you as an Entertainer that’s still growing…What are you doing to keep your own Little fans entertained? & How consistent are you?

I mean, apart from the WhatsApp updates 😐 & the sharing of links…what are the real stuffs you’re doing?…. Are you recording songs?…doing daily freestyle videos?…..planning on REBRANDING or your even targeting Big sponsors who can help?…. Because Bro! You have to be doing something or else you’ll carry last ❌

Long before the Covid-19 pandemic sef, some celebs have been a good example. Lasisi Elenu (the comedian) drops quality funny skits everyday on IG 📱.. I mean everyday! & this affects his followers growth astronomically… Imagine what your favorite stars like Davido, Burna Boy, Ed Sheeran n co are up to right now…Yes they might be spending time with their families & taking time to bond….but most importantly they are doing the UNDERGROUND work & at the same time they’re keeping you when all this is over, they can be FIRM ON TOP.

Dear friend, the option is yours. You can either use this break to FUEL UP, do the underground WORK, keep your fans BUSY consistently you can come out on TOP…or You can just sit in your house, Eat food 🍞, sleep 5 times a day 😴…& After all this is over, you’re still where you are.

Daniel Scott Eleh.

Contact 08108549621 for Adverts or Song Promotions.


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