Model Irene Uche releases body revealing pictures titles it “TRAPPED”

What happens when your life is in a freeze

The finger
Constantly hitting on the pause button
What happens when your heart stops abruptly
While dancing to the most beautiful sound the ear can ever hear

Of what is life
Hearts living in empty shadows
Walking in flesh
Demoralised soul
In an empty body
A mere wallpaper
On the walls of life

I want to break loose
Trying over and over
The more I try
More entangled I get
Stocked in darkness
Living in ropes

I want to fly but my wings fail me
Yes I want to fly far away
Soaring high into a world of no limits

I scream so high
But my words are gone
I roar so loud
But I make no sound
The more I wake up
To die again
Over and over
Just like a dead ghost
Living in flesh and bones

This is reality
Worlds of chain
Not of pleasurable accessories
But of pain
Now I ask
What is the way?

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