October 2, 2022

Okay so as a Music artiste, you have worked hard… day and night,.. You have recorded 100’s of Amazing songs, hoped for a breakthrough, performed at countless mini shows and networked with the BIG BOYS of the Music industry..and Finally you met a “DON JAZZY” in the industry…

A “DON JAZZY” who can SHOOT your career to the TOP… He gives/takes your number..and walah.. Here you are chatting “Him”..what do you do??


Well, There’s a lot of Mix that goes into what a ‘smart’ artiste should do and what not!…. But in this article, I’ll talk on 7 mistakes to avoid in order to guarantee future PARTNERSHIP and FAVOUR..

1. Disrespect. Do not disrespect the “Don” or the opportunity he has given you. Show true Respect and Be confidential as possible.

2. Don’t BEG. Even though you are dead broke, you need a record deal…and you even borrowed money to buy data…Don’t BEG. No matter what, showcase what you have…don’t be like the millions begging for free stuffs/help.

3. Don’t FAMZ without limit. We all love our Ego stroked, sweet words here and there delights the BOSS…but don’t turn it into your CALLING, it will be seen as Fake..(just to get favor)

4. Not going STRAIGHT to the point. The Don is thinking of so many things, I guess he doesn’t have much time, so instead of asking him about “How’s your family and how’s your day??” Why don’t you politely go straight to the point!!

5. Using “Quirky” Words.. That’s not pro. So you start the chat with BOSS..then you switch to BRO..then OGA mi sir…the next day…then you use ‘Honorable’….what’s all that nonsense?? Be polite and use Sir if you don’t know what to use.

6. SENDING your stuffs without being told to. Hehe, This happens to me all the time..Artiste will just send me song (without intro or nothing) and say “Baba listen to this, tell me wetyn u feel”… And I’m like (in my mind) ” firstly, who the fuck are you?

7. NOT Listening. Because of the excitement and the rush of what could happen…alot of artiste don’t listen to their own words when chatting with a BIGGER brand…and this can kill possibilities…

So there you have it, 7 Mistakes to Avoid when you are either on WhatsApp or Any DM with a “DON JAZZY” of the Music Industry.. Thank you.

Writer: Daniel Scott Eleh (@_daniellscott)

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