October 1, 2022

So here is my story today while compiling a street photo project. I was under the sun watching commuters going about their daily businesses and of course I was going about mine. Standing there looking at the weather and natural lights conditions play it’s tricks on me and my camera settings.

This bus pulls up and three corps members alighted with one asking the conductor for change. Next things conductor says give me 50 Naira make make I give you 200 Naira. The boys were confused but the conductor quickly grabs 50 Naira from one of them and throws 200naira at them as he jumped into the already moving bus saying , “shey you no go school ni “.

This had me thinking Lagos conductors are Brain boxes . They hail passengers, collect money, call out the different bus stops off heart ,watch out for agberos or touts , hang out of the bus most times even while in motion and still yet process so many informations at the same time. This profession is indeed not for the Dullard but rather sharp minds . Respect to Lagos bus conductors 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽.
Now do I want to be a bus conductor? No… call me to shoot your corporate events , social events , portraits , weddings and concerts .

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