[INTERVIEW] Success To Me Is Measured By Internal Happiness – FLEX B (Umbele Crooner)

OfficialUniqueBlog: What have you been up to recently?

Flex B: I will be dropping a new song titled BALA BALA and the Visual will follow immediately.

OfficialUniqueBlog: You are dropping a new song, what are your expectations?

Flex B: I am very positive about my new song and i expect positive response as usual from my fans.

OfficialUniqueBlog: How’s the music journey so far?

Flex B: The Music journey is always not easy but there’s been a whole lot of lessons gotten from the street, of which one is “what doesn’t kill a man makes him stronger.”

OfficialUniqueBlog: Do you have any regrets?

Flex B: No regrets

OfficialUniqueBlog: How do you connect with your fans?

Flex B: My music has always been the major tool for me to connect with my fans.

OfficialUniqueBlog: How do you measure success?

Flex B: Success to me  is measured by internal happiness, as far as i am contented with all I have i am successful and i will keep aspiring for more.

OfficialUniqueBlog: The music industry is becoming competitive day in day out, how do you stay in the mix.

Flex B: Personally i believe the Music industry is Competitive for those that are not versatile but thank GOD i am versatile, I could switch from one vibe to another so everywhere good for me.

OfficialUniqueBlog: Your music possess massive street vibes, what’s your connection with the street itself?

Flex B: I know what it takes to grow up in the streets of Lagos so the connection is rooted from my street experience.

OfficialUniqueBlog: Recently, we heard you won an award, how does that make you feel?

Flex B: I feel great and expecting more accolades by God’s grace.

OfficialUniqueBlog: To what is your art and music presence dedicated to?

Flex B: My future, because that will determine my legacy when am gone so my wife and kids can feel my greatness in life.

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