[INTERVIEW] “I see myself as a great potential and look forward to harnessing my talent with top professionals” Actress Omolara Adedayo

Beautiful and fast rising actress, Omolara Adedayo is our focus in this exclusive as she chats about her film career, inspiration and more. The young actress has featured in quite a number of movies and project a promising career. Read full chat below;

Officialuniqueblog: Tell us about yourself

Omolara Adedayo: I am Omolara Adedayo, a film producer and an actress. I was born and bred in Lagos state, Ijora Badia precisely. However, my parents are from Kwara state. I am the last child in a family of five.


Officialuniqueblog: How did you start a film career?

Omolara Adedayo: I think the passion has always been a part of me since I was young. Back where I grew up, I started my journey when I was fifteen years old.

Officialuniqueblog: Have you produced any movie?

Omolara Adedayo: Yes, I have. I am the producer of IMU.

Officialuniqueblog: Which projects are you working on currently?

Omolara Adedayo: I have plans for the last phase of the year and even next year. To be more objective with your question, I’m currently working on MY HOME.

Officialuniqueblog: Which movies have you featured in?

Omolara Adedayo: I have featured in quite a number of movies. I starred in IMU, OPIN IFE, WANTED, OMO WILLIAMS, THE PAINS among many others.

Officialuniqueblog: Who inspires you in the film industry ?

Omolara Adedayo: The people who inspire me are numerous. I’d go on counting and we won’t leave here. I see myself as a great potential and look forward to harnessing my talent with top professionals on the scene. I’m inspired by the works of Adesua Etomi , Toyin Abraham, Funke Akindele, Gabriel Afolayan and other talented thespians.

Officialuniqueblog: What has been your biggest challenge being an actress?

Omolara Adedayo: For now, I enjoy my time, dedication and passion to my craft. I can’t name a serious challenge at the moment. Although, some people underrate my potentials yet I’m not moved, I am out here working to be better.

Officialuniqueblog: What do you enjoy most about being an actress?

Omolara Adedayo: When I am on a production set I love to give my best, it brings fulfillment to me. Acting is life.

Officialuniqueblog: Where do you see yourself next year?

Omolara Adedayo: I’d be successful in this chosen path that the world will be celebrating me.

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