[STORY] Diary of a Randy Tanke Boy – Episode 1



Remember that time, when your mother sat you down, looked you in the eyes and said “Be careful of wolves in human flesh, they are only out to devour, play with your emotions and hurt your feelings” she was talking about men like me, as a matter of fact she probably was referring to me in particular.

Hey!, my name is Edim, and my pals call me ghost, for reasons best known to them; the funny thing about this nick is the fact that it sticks and fit like “follow come”, I am the almost perfect picture of a ghostman life, I mean if not perfect- call it runner up spot. Before you become vindictive with your numbers of personal opinions, YOU NEED TO KNOW THAT I ENJOYED LIVING THAT LIFE, I,ll still want to do the style in my yet to show up next life. Did I just disappoint you or did you just shrug like “whats my business?” you uncaring soul! But I really don’t have time to pay you no attention, I ran out of what to pay you. click! click!!

I’m tall, fair, cool, calm, sweet, caring, intelligent, smart and sensible, I can be aloof and oblivious, even ignorant, let me not leave out the part where I am a sugarcoated mouthed, a like-able type of dude. bad as e bad, you would still think of me as a “not so bad”. I am not ugly, I am not handsome___ I am sitting in the “he is presentable class”.

I asked my self recently “Edim, did you at any time ever think you’d write about this or anything at all “I couldn’t answer, but I did felt somehow, I felt my hands fold and cringe, it controlled itself and formed itself into a pencil holding position and that of a typing position, then my hands got me the answer, it said “I want to write about this now so bad lot enough that every effort and thoughts of this counts. This story is me being an “amebo” for selling myself to you, a “talkative” for talking so much to my head to type this out, and me being “naked” for exposing my closets, I am just going to be at your mercy for this one maybe, appear in court in absential as you become a presiding judge of this situation in your thoughts.

As I go back and forth to stabilize my sentence composition, as I scratch my head for remembrance, shine my eyes for concentration, tilt my head and twitch my mouth for assurance, squinting my inner eyes for reassurance, I am only wanting one thing, that this story is accurate, dope enough to match the situation as it was and that it gets a warm embrace full of hate and love, I think I ended up wanting three things.


If you know how it feels when you wonder and laugh out loud, having sober reflections at the same thought, then you would know how this particular piece of art feels for me, a piece with a harsh, sweet, deceiving, romantic, erotic and versatile patch.

A story from the country that boasts as the giant of Africa, the heartbeat of Africa, self acclaimed king of Africa, the best out of Africa, boasts of sweet culture and rich background. The country spelled “NIGERIA”, happened in a place around the North central. May your eyes fancy every word that it feast on in this piece.

Mind you, I hope that this is yet another story that makes a positive difference whenever you remember a thing about it.


I see you in the next chapter! Love always!!

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