World Tourism Day:Tour Ibadan Set to Host One Destination Africa in Ibadan.

The maiden edition of One-destination Africa will take its course on the 27th day of September, 2019. It is an annual programme organized by Tour Ibadan- a tourism community with specialization in domestic tours to commemorate the United Nation World Tourism day in Nigeria and most importantly, Ibadan.

Speaking about this programme, the content manager, Ayo Adams said “We have been motivated to establish this platform to spotlight issues that matter and promote positive opportunities in the Nigerian tourism sector.

In addition, we have selected a relevant network of discussants that are well informed, trend conscious and enlightened; to debate, analyze and exchange perspectives in regard to the discourse of the day while proffering enabling solutions that would contribute to the development of tourism in Nigeria.”

While this platform is also an avenue to awaken the adventurous spirit of individuals to actively explore tourist sites in Nigeria, our objective is also to bring the government/relevant bodies in charge of tour sites to a meeting point where tourism policies and objectives are discussed with the people to further harness the image of tourism in Nigeria and on the global stage.

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