October 1, 2022
Synopsis Of The Movie NOT MY THRONE
A sitting prince who will take after the Affairs of the throne when his father the igwe has gone to Ajali hills after his 70th birthday to commune with the gods as tradition demands and whose journey is uncertain has been rejected to be the heir apparent to the throne and the only person who can take after the throne is the princess who will get married and her husband will take possession of the throne suddenly gets missing and all fingers points at the prince who seems innocent And now the question every one is Asking is who kidnapped the Princess.
Livinus Nnochiri,
Ngozi Ezeh,
Nosa Rex,
Bella Ebinum,
Gloria Okafor
Chigozie Nwoye,
Gechi Gexh,
Raji Lawal,
Directed by Chinonso Aniebonam
Produced by Gloria Okafor
Executive Producer Gloria Okafor.

Checkout some behind the scenes pictures below:

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