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[INTERVIEW] Nollywood Needs To Be Taken To A Level Where It Would Be Generally Accepted -Jamiu Azeez

OfficialUniqueBlog: Looking back at how far you have come in this career, what are you thankful for?
Jamiu Azeez: Looking back, the first person I want to thank Is God, he has been there for me more than I deserve, another person is my Mother, she’s the pillar that has given me a solid position on the face of planet. I can’t over emphasize her love and doggedness and lastly my FANmillies. I don’t call them fan because without them I don’t think I would be granting this interview today.
OfficialUniqueBlog: What standards has your brand set for the industry?
Jamiu Azeez: My brand has tried to give the audience why they should expect more from us (the youths) if u see my.movies, I try to carry along most of the young people and I am glad that we (the youths) are doing beautifully well.
OfficialUniqueBlog: How do you define your acting style?
Jamiu Azeez: Simple but uncommon.
OfficialUniqueBlog: Would you reject a script? Why?
Jamiu Azeez: Yes I would reject a script, why because I feel Nollywood needs to be taken to a level where it would be generally accepted, if your script isn’t catchy or content filled enough, I won’t take it, I have a brand, I have expectations from my  viewers and I don’t think I am ready to disappoint them.
OfficialUniqueBlog: In an age where fake news are peddled around in the industry, do you think actors need public relations officer for their brand?
Jamiu Azeez: Yes actors need a public relationship officer, U know how busy actors can be, they can’t be everywhere, so a public relation officer would always be there to  protect the actor’s image.
OfficialUniqueBlog: You and Adedimeji Lateef appear to share a close bond in the field, what is your relationship about?
Jamiu Azeez: My relationship with Lateef is that of a brother and a colleague and  we always try to be support each other.
OfficialUniqueBlog: Which do you prefer,  the use of YouTube for monetizing your films or sales of DVD?
Jamiu Azeez: Wow, it would have been sales on DVD, but for the rising activities of piracy these days, its almost not worth it to have your movies on DVD but then, I still do more of DVD production than YouTube.
OfficialUniqueBlog: Do you think you’ve arrived?
Jamiu Azeez: I would be joking if I say I have arrived, truth is, nobody has arrived. We all have something or someone we look up to. Even Bill gates looks up to someone (*laughing*) so I am still on my way.
OfficialUniqueBlog: Which projects are you working on?
Jamiu Azeez: I have a handful of projects that I am working on, I also have some that I have produced and they would be hitting the market soon.
OfficialUniqueBlog: What’s your addiction?
Jamiu Azeez: My addiction is putting in my best into the career that I have chosen.
OfficialUniqueBlog: What would you say to the industry newcomers right now?
Jamiu Azeez: Look up to people but never imitate them. There’s something unique about everyone, look for that thing and build on it. More so, nothing good comes easy. You have to work hard because hard work really pays.

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