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Thumbs up Ajala… Friend of the disabled…

OK first, I ll say this again, I’m not a politician, I don’t like politics even though I have friends and family in politics. As a matter of fact, my dad was the chairman of GDM ( Grassroots Democratic Movement) back then. I was one of those that made him back out and left partisan politics.

Now to cut my story short. I ll campaign for odi olowo and these are the reasons.

Hon. Radaq Olushola Ajala is the current chairman of odi olowo. I haven’t set my eyes on him since 2017 too precisely on the 31st of November 2017 my album launch at Golden Gate,ikoyi .

Prior to my launch, I was at his office to invite him as one of my guests.

That day, he made a statement, he said, ” ha, disabled program again, I have received many of such invite and I have been supporting them” he might not be able to honour it. He then beckoned on his secretary to bring his cheque book, he wanted to give me some money.

I cautioned him, I said “sir, with full respect, you are a man of reputable worthiness, I’m not here to ask you for money, even if you chose to give me anything, not here but on my launching date, even if you don’t give me, your presence is worth over whatever millions you might want to offer me here”

He was so impressed, he couldn’t hide it, he said I was the first physically challenged to have rejected monetary donations being an handicap.

On a lighter mood true true, the money wan enter my eyes small o make I no lie but like I do say, it’s not always about money… There is always another day.

Guess what, would you believe he honoured my invitation?

Yes, he did. I was elated when I saw the chairman of odi olowo local government at my launching.

Finally, Richard oguntoye is the current councillor ward b1, and Richard is the husband to my younger sister, tell me why we no go vote for the constituency they control?

Naa your own brother make I campaign for?

On a serious note, I’m not campaigning for them based on the points I enumerated above but because they are doing extremely wonderful projects.. The chairman recently procured free school buses for students conveyance to and Fro.

I was surprised last week, when I got to my office at odi olowo and the road has been tiled for quite some time as have not been there.

I was further stunned when I saw his achievements which include: Construction of drainage projects at Ago Owu, Alhaji Ota, Anu Oluwapo and Opeloyeru.


He has constructed 4-rooms office for the use of staffs during LAGOS@50 .

HON. Ajala was in a short period of time able to construct and rehabilitate Over 135 bore holes, complete renovation of council marriage registry hall and LASSRA building.

He donated three buses for police formation in the lcda.

We cannot finish up enumerating all he was able to achieve working a short period of time and for these reasons, I ll enjoin we vote APC, if not for anything but the fact he employed many physically disabled person’s and placed many others under schorlaship and remuneration, I can’t but vouch for the APC candidates in Mushin/Odi Olowo ojuwoye.

Let’s vote every contestant under Mushin and odi Olowo local government.

Thank you.


Barr. Tokunbur Oyejobi
Disability Advocate

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