WATCH Tope Alabi & TY Bello’s Spontaneous Worship Song “Emi Mimo”

TY Bello has released a new video from her spontaneous worship series featuring Tope Alabi.

The video is for the song “Emi Mimo“.

TY Bello says:

n 2015, I began spontaneous worship sessions on Thursday, the sessions were very simple .. just me and David Nkennor and then George making music for the Audience of one .. Over the years I’ve had some amazing people join me in these sessions .. so Thursday’s are my favorite days …meeting and fellowship in God’s presence, singing new and unwritten songs and so that others can join in worship. The Spirit of Light Album with Tope Alabi is the product of one of these unscripted meetings. The album is a spontaneous worship session with seventeen fresh songs performed live over a three-hour period. The Holy Spirit is indeed Life. The Spirit of God is indeed life and it’s amazing that how once He steps in everything in our lives and in our heart truly comes alive. We need Him more than we can ever need anything or anyone.

Watch it below!

[Music] Tope Alabi & TY Bello – Emimimo

[Music] Tope Alabi & TY Bello – Emimimo

[Music] Tope Alabi & TY Bello – Emimimo

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