August 9, 2022

Officialuniqueblog: Can we meet you?

Irene Uche Akuma: I am Irene Uche Akuma, I hail from Cross river state Ogoja, I’m a graduate of Performing Arts from the University of Ilorin, I am a Professional Dancer, a Fashion Designer, Commercial and Runway model, a Fitness Coach and an Actress. I also teach kids and adults dance like Ballet, Salsa, Traditional Dances, Hip Hop and others.

Officialuniqueblog: How’s your career Journey so far?

Irene Uche Akuma: It’s been Awesome! I have had great  opportunities to work with different Directors  and Choreographers like Tony Biyi Boyede, Ayo Jaiyesimi, Lekan Balogun, Emmauel Olabayo, Tosin Dara, Nissi George,  Mr Abel and the likes.

Officialuniqueblog: How is life after university?

Irene Uche Akuma:  It’s been good just Work Work and Work.

Officialuniqueblog: What are your long term goals?

Irene Uche Akuma: My long term goal Is to have my own Dance School/Dance Studio.

Officialuniqueblog: How have you been working to achieve them?

Irene Uche Akuma: Like i mentioned earlier i teach kids and adult dance. I also take ballet dance classes at a gym every Saturday. I’m already working towards getting my own personal space for the studio.

Officialuniqueblog: The entertainment industry is a tough field, how do you intend to cope in the near future?

Irene Uche Akuma: It’s a tough industry but I’m not in a competition with anybody, the sky is big enough for everyone to fly, so I’ll just take my space and run with it.

Officialuniqueblog: What drives you?

Irene Uche Akuma: God is the original driver My passion, then love for what i do.

Officialuniqueblog: How does your family respond to your craft?

Irene Uche Akuma: My family have been very supportive,  they all watch out for jobs and opportunities for me. They all encourage me in different ways i can’t begin to explain.

Officialuniqueblog: Who would you love to work with in the industry?

Irene Uche Akuma: As a model I’ll like to work with Deola Sagoe, Susan Peters, Folake Folarin, Duro OlowuAs an actor I’d like to work with Omoni Oboli, Kunle Afolayan, Amaka Igwe, Emem Isong and so on. As a dancer Kaffy, Becky Umeh, Don flex and so on.

Officialuniqueblog: Are you satisfied with your growth so far?

Irene Uche Akuma: Yes I am but i know there’s room for improvement.




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