[Story] Ayo And His Military Neighbour’s Wife – Season 1, Episode 7.

So I started with a compliment

as I grabbed her face and talked to it

“Valerie.. if i can call you that right now.

You’re so beautiful!

And he doesn’t deserve all your stressing,

why do you seem to care much about

where he at now? when you’re

already here with me,

I moved my hand and grabbed her

waist closer…

She leaned in for a kiss as i began to take

off her nightie…

She stooped me..

She looked into my face and told me

this should remain between us,

her eyes looked watery like she’s

already imagining how bad

I’m going to fuck her.

then she took a step back and put

her nightie off all by herself.

I have never touched round

titties before.

All my chicks either had small boobs

or fallen boobs.

This one was perfect…

Perky and erect,

Valerie… We die here

Watch out for the next episode.

This creative piece was written by Ayohrkarz

(c) Ayohrkarz and officialuniqueblog

PASSING THE TORCH By. Joseph Effiong


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