[Story] Ayo And His Military Neighbour’s Wife – Season 1, Episode 6.

As I came home, I met my neighbour’s wife

in my bedroom looking through my photo

year book from high school.

She was so sexy sitting on that bed.

Her nightie revealed her cleavage.

I didn’t know how she got in

and i didn’t want to know.

No time to investigate.

This is a big fish on the bed.

She wasn’t shocked to see me

So she asked….

“Ayo, are you surprised to see me here?

I replied, “no, I am surprised how you got the keys.”

Forget about how.

I am here to ask you things about my husband

and i want you to go straight to the point.

She talked really dark and shady

as she poured out her mind.

She did that as she slowly walked towards me.

I have never felt this way before.

With every step, my dick increased inch by inch!

It was not obvious because i was on a jean.

I made sure i didn’t say anything about her husband.

Oh, Yes i fear him that much.

He has a high rank in the Military,

so you know the deal.

Well, this woman i must fuck.

Watch out for the next episode.

This creative piece was written by Ayohrkarz

(c) Ayohrkarz and officialuniqueblog

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