[Story] Ayo And His Military Neighbour’s Wife – Season 1, Episode 5.

Funny how times flies.

I woke up to a knock on my door by 8pm

It was my neighbour

He just arrive and wanted me to come along

with him to the club but i told him that

i wanted to be alone that day

that i had a design to complete and deliver the next morning.

“Ah! Ayo you don fuck up sha” he said

“Bros you for prepare me early now”

You know as e dey go

He just asked me to give him a girl

who would be available for escort.

That one na small thing. I called Amanda,

my own fish and i blasted her

Someway somehow I know how

to create that aura of guilt in their heart.

She asked what she could do to make up

and i told her to come over to my place

Amanda rang……

She came in and sat on my laps

telling me so many bullshit that i do not want to hear.

i already  know who she is so,

let me give her to someone that would pay for

her time well.

She was good to go

So i dressed up and i called my neighbour

then we all hit the road.

We got to the club,

We decided to chill outside for a while.

Amanda couldn’t just take her eyes off

his wristwatch.

I did a proper introduction…

and then my neigbour took the chat off professionally.

We decided to get into the music.

Bastard girl. I was just looking at her big head

as she was going infront with the guy.

Jesus women ehn,

That night, i just kept talking with two strippers

who were ready to rip ride me

if i was really going to pay

but i just collected their number,

promised to book them for an home service.

Lol, I didn’t want to stay in the club.

The plan was to leave back home to continue my work.

Watch out for the next episode.

This creative piece was written by Ayohrkarz

(c) Ayohrkarz and officialuniqueblog

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