Did Olamide’s ‘Poverty Die’ Just Reinforce That He Is the King of Street Music?

This year has unarguably been a great time for the Nigerian music industry, various artists got signed to various record label, some got a life changing endorsement, underdogs also claimed that they were not over yet, and as usual the big boys in the industry continued to seal their spot in the industry.

You most probably would have heard this new joint jamming over your radio, you probably even made effort to download the new hook but here is a few lyrics from the song;

I go down on my knees and thank God ooo
Poverty Die die die die, Poverty die die die
And I step into the street for my paper oo
I dey hustle make the poverty le japa ooo
Ki Oriburuku ma lo ya ile wa ooo
Poverty Die die die die, Poverty die die die

Olamide Badoo blessed us with yet another hit, just before the year runs out, Olamide brought us a good music to bless our ears and a song to make us dance away our worries. Over time, he has not only done music to bless his fans but has also shown us why he is undoubtedly master of his craft, every time he puts a project, it become an anthem or a movement. Are you as wowed as I am?

2011, on Rapsody album, there was a song, BOYS ARE  NOT SMILING, instantly this line became a street linee, everyone came on board with it, up till date, the street still uses this very song title as a slang. 2012 came, FIRST OF ALL was one of the tracks on the YBNL album, the street went nuts and added the line FIRST OF ALL to their vocabulary. Year in year out, this went on to become a tradition. 2015, BOBO became the rave of the moment, dance moves were not completed if BOBO dance move have not been made, for a long time, we all vibed and rocked the song. Did you not dab? Did we not all dab? Olamide just has a way of putting a virus on every hook he produced, dabbing became a  uniform fever. This is 2018, and OLAMIDE is still doing his magic, with just few days ago, we are vibing to poverty die.

Wether Poverty die is a hit or not the fact that it can be used to fight Poverty is enough reason why it woud definitely be on everyone’s mouth and status. Olamide has once again found his ways into the  hearts of his fans, but most importantly he also proofed a point, that’s to say he has come to stay!

This creative piece was written by Ademola Olumide Carlton and Oluwatoyosi Malomo

[Animated Video] Olamide – Poverty Die

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