[Story] Ayo And His Military Neighbour’s Wife – Season 1, Episode 3.

About my neighbour’s wife, i see her as a milf

but because of the value in the relationship

between I and my neighbour

So I never try to court attention with her.

She is a very sexy woman. I must confess

Her boobs are still firm like a teen!

She definitely isn’t eighteen!

Her name is Valerie.

That name already paints a picture

of how good she looks.

I don’t know if Valerie loves her Husband

or she’s just under a love spell.

I have never see any of her male friends around

not even her female friends

plus she doesn’t go out and she has a car!

Is she just a loner?

Sometimes whenever i bring in girls home

and i see her at the balcony

I intentionally play with the girls

just to make her feel i’m purposely not giving her attention.

And every time shes sees me playing with these girls

she either goes in or fixes her eyes somewhere else.

Such a beautiful woman

yet she chooses to be indoor.

There must be something to it

but i don’t want to find out.

Watch out for the next episode.

This creative piece was written by Ayohrkarz

(c) Ayohrkarz and officialuniqueblog

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