Hon. Angela Nwaka addressing some of her constituents on the journey so far.

PREELECTION [2011-2014]:
1. Rehabilitation of General Hospital, Ogwashi-uku.
2. Rehabilitation of Obidugbo Primary School, Ejeme-unor.
3. Supply of Medical equipments to General Hospital, Ogwashi-uku.
4. Medical Support Mission at SPC, ICE & Ewulu IDP camps.
5. Engagement of Aniocha South Youths in Delta State Beautification program.
6. Financial assistance to indigent Students, Patients, Artisans and Elders for fees, bills, starter packs and upkeeps respectively.
7. Provision of Financial support for the refurbishment of Grader for Egbuduaka road.

POSTELECTION [2015-2018]:
1. Vegetation Control/Cleanup exercise at Ubulu-uku, Ogwashi-uku, Nsukwa and Ejeme.
2. Routine Sanitation at Egbuduaka market.
3. Rehabilitation/Beautification of of Ogwashi-uku Main Roundabout.
4. Empowerment of 8 Nsukwa youths with Fish pond, Fingerlings and Feeds.
5. Empowerment of 8 Isheagu youths with Fish pond, Fingerlings and Feeds.
6. Financial assistance for Medical bills, School fees, Rents, Upkeeps of indigent persons from Aniocha South.
7. Provision of financial assistance for the refurbishment of borehole facility at Abaunor.
8. Financial Assistance to Selected Farmers for improved production in Palm plantation, Plantain plantation and Cassava farming.
9. Grading of Ogwashi-uku/Adonte.
10.Grading of earth roads at Ubulu-Okiti.
11. Grading of Ashama earth road.
12. Cosponsorship of SEEFOR projects at Ogwashi-uku, Adonte, Ashama, Ewulu etc.


2016 Projects – 1.Construction of Nine Classroom block at Ngwu Mixed Secondary School.
2. Supply of School Furniture to:
*Nsukwa Mixed Grammar School.
*Nwaeze Primary School, O/uku.
*Ubulu-Okiti Mixed Secondary Sch.
*Comprehensive Secondary School.
*Ngwu Mixed Secondary School
*Aniga Primary School, Adonte.

2017 Project
1.Construction of Six Classroom Block at Obinzekwe Primary School.
2.Construction of Three Classroom Block at Nwaeze Primary School, Ogwashi-uku.
3. Supply of School Furniture to Selected Schools in Aniocha South Local Government Area.

2018 Projects:
Construction of Whole School Concept at Nwaeze Primary School.
2. Supply of furniture to selected schools in Aniocha South LGA.


1. Instrumental to the approval and construction of the Nsukwa/Ejeme road.
2. Instrumental to the approval for the rehabilitation of Ejeme Cottage Hospital (not renovated yet).
3. Instrumental to the approval and construction of Mission road, Ogwashi-uku (ongoing).
4. Instrumental to the approval of Agidiehe, Hausa Qrt roads, Ogwashi-uku.


* Raised MOTION calling on the State Government to take necessary actions on the abandoned Asaba – Ogwashi-uku – Kwale road, as well as the Deathtraps thereon.
This led to fixing of some bad spots of the road.
*Cosponsor of a BILL, establishing Laws regulating Hotels and similar Organizations towards enhancing Tourism and Entertainment.
*MOTION calling on the Delta State Government to liaise with relevant authorities in checking the menace of the Overflowing Ubu river arising from the abandoned DAM PROJECT.
*MOTION calling on Delta State Governor to direct relevant agencies to clear all abandoned vehicles and prohibit trucks parks on the Expressways within Delta State.
*As Chairman, House Committee on Education, She sponsored a bill repealing the law establishing Private Schools for Standardization.
*Provision of intervention/assistance to Ewulu IDP (2018)

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