“Life Odyssey”

With its complexity and labyrinthine

Not accord with a manual

Experience becomes your apprehension

Tears and pains delineate doggedness

***By Ogunbekun Abdul-Malik Bentzy 😊

[Unique Personality] WOLI AGBA (Ayo Ajewole)


Hidden behind a smile

Perilous adventure

Vista talisman

All man for himself

Cry your cry

Trust is concisely expressed

Like an individual praying with a mad man

You don’t close your eyes

Majority embrace lies

Don’t want to face reality

Living fake life

Despise the truth

Because it’s bitter

Oppressed becomes the oppressor

Big-hearted is the demon

Because “the former” was haste to speech

“The latter” defensive words means nothing

Because folks jump to expeditious conclusions

Fails to remember that no man admits it’s fault easily

For all are called “Saints”

Until all enclosed activities are exposed

Privilege assumed to be Hardwork

Laggard upshot misunderstood as being lazy

Where as ;Persistence sprout Grace and time

We all just acting

The world being the stage

The creator becomes the director

Your conscience suit your shadow

Karma happens to be the judge

The Creator is the spectator

You are the accused

Friends and families fits in

The description of the disciples of Jesus

Some befits the conduct of judas;you give your all to them, but they still go ahead to betray you, telling everyone you betrayed them..

Others are like Peter:Swear up to your face to be with you in times of turmoil but disappear like a smoke when such situation arrives..

Some more are like “doubting thomas “;Never believe in you or the hussle but comes around and becomes blood when things becomes better

Others act like Elijah :

But then, Who am I to conclude

When I ain’t perfect

Remove the grime from your eye

Before you remove the grime from another man eye

#Insidelife 🤤

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