As I walk the street of our cities, my bleeds over the wasted, broken and disoriented lives I encounter. I have seen and read of men and women who had dreams, ambitions, plans and aspirations in their prime but today are lost in a maze of substance abuse, alcoholism, cybercrime and purposelessness. The time we live in is filled with folks who are existing on planet earth pregnant with potential, dreams and aspirations that might not see the light of the day because behind the veil of their ignorance lays the power to recreate the world. But they are unable to see their own uniqueness.

Once upon a time, the great Jewish rabbi, Jesus Christ, the son of the living God, was born in an obscure forgotten town in the hills of ancient Judea, raised in a village which according to archaeological research had only one street and 11 houses, leaving no record of having had any formal education, this young man introduced His vision of a new world order to simple village people who themselves were considered the least on the social strata. Yet, His clear sense of vision, His commitment to the cause and His unrelenting passion inspired 12 common local business men among the were four fisher men and a tax collector, to abandon their personal dreams, priorities and occupation to follow Him even to death. He lived for thirty three years yet His imprint and impact on the history of the world and on the personal lives of millions over two millennia testify to a purpose driven life. No one has ever affected the destiny of mankind and development of humanity has he has done.

Every product on earth was preceded by a purpose. That is, before a producer or manufacturer makes a product, there must be a purpose for it. Thus, purpose precedes creation. Dr. Myles Munroe, of blessed memory, one of the men God used in the study of purpose, said ‘’when the purpose of a thing is not well defined abuse is inevitable”. The purpose of a thing is the objectivity that provokes the creation of that thing. Before Henry Ford could make the ford vehicles, he had a purpose and desire to make a vehicle that was affordable by the average American family. He then went ahead to make it a reality. The inventors who made the computer, radio, GSM, pressing iron, electricity bulb, television, refrigerator, micro oven, aircraft etc. had a purpose in mind. Necessity they say is the mother of invention.

There are no two people in this world of over seven billion humans that have the same reasoning faculty, chromosomal combinations, genetic makeup, psychological frame, mental capacity and finger prints. Even the most identical of twins still have features that differ. That is why you should not struggle to be like someone else because you are unique. You were created with a specific agenda and by a deliberate intention of the creator. John Mason said “Imitation is Limitation”.

Do you know that the riches spot on planet earth is not the oil wells of Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirate; it is not the gold and diamond mines of South Africa? The richest spot on earth is the cemetery. Now you might reasonably ask, for what justifiable reason is the cemetery the richest spot on earth? Simply put, in the cemetery there are potential that never saw the light of the day, in the cemetery are people that were potential millionaires with ideas that could have generated millions but died with it. The cemetery consist of people who could have been great inventors, who had certain things put in them but couldn’t bring them into reality before they died; hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, songs that people could have sung to bless their generation but the singers were unable to position themselves to receive inspiration before they died; books that were meant to liberate men from all manner of afflictions and calamity but were never written; industries that were meant to be built but were buried with those God purposed them for. The cemetery is filled with paintings we have never seen, poetry never read, business that were established, great powerful women who died as prostitutes, ideas and cures that were never discovered all because someone was too scared to take the first step or determined to carry out a dream.

Oghene Abel, in his book titled Success Mindset said “God created the sun and the moon but depended Michael Faraday to create electricity, God created horse and donkeys that man could use as means of transportation but depended on the Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur to create the aircraft. God did not create aspirin and Panadol but He created the herbs needed to manufacture those drugs. God will not come down from heaven to create jobs or entertain mankind. He depend on man to do so”

Have you ever imagined how the world would be without telephone, electricity, cars, motorcycles, computers, the internet, generators, clothes, shoes, television etc. imagine you going to work on bare foot daily not because you cannot afford a pair of shoe but because no they have not been manufactured.

Dear friend, the mobile phone in your hand, computer, and pressing iron you are using were produced by some people. The shirts, shoes and perfume you wear were produced by some people. The car and motorcycle you are driving were produced by some people. That book you call a best seller was written by someone. That song you enjoyed listening to was sang by someone. What have you contributed to the human race? This a question of self-evaluation.

To make impact in the journey of life is not age determined. The discovery, development and investment of your potential are of paramount importance for the fulfilment of your destiny on earth. for you to be everything that God created you to be, you must discover what you can do without effort, find out that thing that others go to school to learn but you can do without being taught. Beyond your credentials is your potential. Michael Jackson never had a university degree but throughout his life time he was more successful than many PhD holders. Professor Wole Soyinka is not the only professor in Nigeria but his passion for writing has singled him out. Fela Anikulapo Kuti was sent abroad to study medicine but on getting there he chose to study music instead. Today even in death; we still remember and celebrate him. Tuface Indibia dropped out of school but today he is one of the biggest hip hop stars in Africa. I am not asking you to drop out of school but to discover your potential and purpose of existence.

May I announce to you that the greatest tragedy to befall an individual is to spend his/her lifetime chasing shadows, to spend time and resources of life pursuing the wrong agenda and purpose are the worst thing that can happen to man. At the end of the day, it is not how many countries you have travelled to or how much money in your account, or the kind of house you lived in that count. Rather, what will really count is the difference your existence made on earth and the extent to which you fulfilled the purpose of God for your life and the extent to which your absence is felt on earth when you are no longer here. Remain impacted.

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About the Writer

Joseph Effiong is journalist, internationally published author, Business and Entrepreneurial Strategist, Motivational Speaker and the President of Pillar of Fire Ministry (An interdenominational Full gospel ministry devoted to revival of apostolic signs and the unlimited demonstration of the power of God to deliver men from all oppression of the devil).
Mentored by Robert Kiyosaki and David Oyedepo, He has mastered the art of solving economic, educational, political and societal ills by proffering applicable intellectual solutions all over the world.
He is a lover of God, a demonstrator of the power of the Holy Spirit and an expression of the unsearchable wisdom of Christ. His heart beats for God, he frowns at every appearances of evil. His ever increasing compassion for the lost has been his driving force.
Joseph believes anyone can be saved but someone must take the message to them. His ability to communicate scriptural truth is such that people of all ages and walks of life readily listens to and finds hope during and after his message

You can reach him on +2349036927567 or kingeefiong4u@gmail.com

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38 thoughts on “A PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE by Joseph Effiong”

  1. Olonode Damilola

    Joseph effiong books & write up do set fire in my bones .i have known him for ages,he is a writer with a difference.folks you need to read these write up by him a purpose driven life – it will send a signal down your spine & jack you up to fulfil destiny .A must read.

  2. Pst Fatoye Emmanuel

    Joseph Effiong is a man of purpose, full of divine wisdom and also with passion for the things of the kingdom, we have been good friends for years now… He is one of the best author who can do true justice to the concept of purpose cos he is a man that leave on purpose and he is always to sacrifices on what will yield the best for him..
    I just read the article and it really inspired me, I value you friend

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  4. What a purposeful write-up, here is a word to add, We was birth into that environment we are to change it, the resources are all around in that atmosphere. To Youths, Ask your inner mind, question the norms, some were created out of fear. The greatest Jew Rabi didn’t source for his 12 desciples overseas.
    Conclusively, God made it known to us that, before we were formed in our mother’s womb, He knew us. Living a fulfilled and purposeful life is Living an Accountable life. What do you do with your Talent, what were you to do and you didn’t do with the talent? Would you bury your own Seeds that The Lord will come and take it back as given.
    Thanks for this and many more we seek.

  5. Wow! This is mind blowing. I have been privileged to seat under Joseph Effiong’s teaching at Dominion City, Benin Republic. 4 years ago when he was invited. He is a man driven by purpose. Thank you very much for this master piece

  6. What happens when we seek to know God’s purpose for our lives and we continually seem to be in the dark – very frustrating I guess? Can God intentionally be hiding it? This article speaks to the yearning heart…

  7. Anyone who has discovered his purpose will continue to swim in the murkey water of ignoble failure. I salute the writer

  8. Though I’m a successful Business consultant, after reading this I just discovered I owe my generation a book. I wish I could meet this writer.

  9. Wonderful write up. Though we have not met, a friend sent the link to me. After reading this I think You are a writers dream and a gift to the world of literary arts. Hope you are still single 🌹 😉. I’m searching ooo

  10. Dr. Ivie B. Idemudia

    A vital question an intelligent reader ought to ask is for what justifiable reason should I believe what the writer is saying. That question will let you know weather you are reading an article written by an electrician who decides to write on carpentry simply because he had the opportunity of working with a carpenter on the same site.

    It evidently certain that Joseph Effiong is a man driven by purpose. I remember when we hosted him 2 years ago in Accra, Ghana 🇬🇭 he said in his presentation “I want to die empty”. I value him.

  11. Tears welled up my eyes while reading this piece. Its as if you had me in mind while writing this article. I have really wasted years I need direction.

  12. Inspector. Kayode Akande

    This article is a practical guide towards self actualization and fulfilment. You cannot differentiate his writings and who he is. The writers simplicity endeared him to me. He is my sons role model. I love him.

  13. Anyone who has ever heard Joseph Effiong teach on purpose knows his wisdom is to the mankind what phone booth was to superman. Greater height.

    Sofowora A. T
    CEO, Eden Care

  14. Just when I thought I had an idea that could make my life easier, I stumbled on this article, I am wowed!! This article just made me realize that I haven’t even started and I can do more, and be the best. God bless you for this inspiration.

  15. The link was posted in a group chat I belong to on WhatsApp. I decided to read. I have no regrets. I will be visiting this site for more of your article. God bless you for this write up.

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