August 10, 2022

To everyone sailing on a relationship that just started its journey, there is always an overwhelming exictement at the set out stage. The phase of waking up to receive calls or text messages from your partner, the seeing everyday and pleasing moments. At this stage, you agree on everything with radiant smiles and laughers each time you are seen together.

When you are in the loving you period, do not forget to get ready for the real deal, because you are actually in the Honeymoon Phase and this period would last only for a while. The things you got used to will start fading away, everyone becomes too comfortable. You will start seeing each other in different shades. You see the parts of your partner that was not there before.

If after the Honeymoon phase, you are still together and happy like you were at the early stage then I say a big congratulations to you because that phase isn’t enough to decide where the relationship is going. Always make sure that you prepare for the dayz when the sun would refuse to shine.

-Oluwatoyosi Malomo

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