Janelle Monae to star in Disney’s live-action ‘Lady and the Tramp’

Singer, Janelle Monae has got her eyes set on conquering Hollywood like she’s conquered the music industry. We know this because in the last few months, the songstress has been cast in no less that three screenplays. Most recent of all is her new role in new Disney‘s live-action adaptation Lady and the Tramp.

According to Chicago Tribune, Monae will voice the character Peg, one of the dogs Lady meets when she is taken to the pound.

Lady and the Tramp tells the tale of an American Cocker Spaniel named Lady who becomes separated from her upper-middle-class family. The movie follows the journey of Lady finding love and more.

Janelle Monae will also appear in the Harriet Tubman biopic UglyDolls animated movie, and Welcome to Marwen.

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