Change Of Style In Music (Terry G as case study) – Oluwatoyosi Malomo

If you are a huge fan of music with current update on music then you will agree with me that Terry G is one of the artistes that broke the strict rule of music and gave the licence for freestyles to be used as original acceptable musical joint.

You wouldn’t want to disagree to the fact that Terry G created a style in the music industry thereby making the art of music easy to do leaving the impression that anyone can wake up to do music.

When you look at the recent trend in recent musical plays and release in the industry we wouldn’t be wrong to say that there is a long rope that can be traced back to Terry G.

Free Madness 1, Akpako Master, See Groove and Sangolo are songs done by Terry G in that era and they made massive rave to the extent that star rising artistes and the already made ones followed this song pattern with Terry G featured basically in all of the songs.

– Oluwatoyosi Malomo

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