Lil Smart The Creator of Reverse Shaku Shaku

It is of no doubt that the dance Shaku Shaku have been trending for a while now and this led to the birth of REVERSE SHAKU SHAKU by IDOWU SMART EMMANUEL a.k.a LIL SMART. Lil Smart being a trap dancer thought of adding a twist to the popular Shaku Shaku dance so he explored on combining trap and commercial and that was how the reverse shaku shaku was created.

After the reverse was created, he needed a name for it so he searched online to see if there was anything on REVERSE SHAKU SHAKU but he didn’t find anything so he therefore named it The Reverse Shaku Shaku. Reverse Shaku Shaku have been going viral lately and i feel we wouldn’t be wrong to say Lil Smart is the creator of the Reverse Shaku Shaku.

Watch Video Below:






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