August 9, 2022

Rubies… each time I think on these, I feel suddenly electrified;
They make sane men mad and philosophers stupefied!

One for me, one for you; who wants more?
Me! Me! Me! We are never tired of it all.
One could gather as much as a thousand bunches, yet unsatisfied.
It is like, the more you have, the more your satiability is defiled.
Gems, jewels, precious stones; call it whatever you wish;
We want them clean and shiny like a pig wants dirt in its dish.
When we watch the stars glow in the sky, we wish we could get hold of them.
And when we see the pictures of King Solomon’s treasures, we (in lust) clench our fist firm.

But then, I am drawn to the realisation that gold or silver is worthless;
For no matter how scare or valuable they could be, they would always have a price tag.
They could make your purse sag and weigh down on your bags,
But they do not always make the heart glad neither do they really inspire happiness.
They could be the cause of the struggles of youngsters,
And the wants of an ambitious man in his prime;
But like the ink in the quill of a fastidious calligrapher,
They would indubitably wear out with the passing of time.

Nothing lasts forever, not even a warehouse stacked to the brim with money.
Yet, there remains a thing which last forever – Nothing!
This “Nothing” is costlier than pearls and is Far above Rubies.
It relieves like a breath of fresh air and sweetens like honey from bees.

A Virtuous Woman — A Capable Wife;
She makes gorgeous a man and strengthens the feeble child

She is the joy of motherhood; the hope of fatherhood.
She is a tavern in the woods; the peace of the neighbourhood.
She’s got a pure heart, one calibrated and pivoted by Love.
She has a sentry about her mouth, one that filters her words.

She is a crown of glory on her companion’s head
She is the olive oil that streams from his head down his beard.
She is endowed, not only physically, but also intellectually.
Give her a bronze coin today and tomorrow she would give you a golden hill.

She’s got the hands of a beaver and the strength of a mule.
She is a weaver, a baker, a potter and a cook.
She does not wait for the rooster’s crow; within her is an alarm – a chime.
Her hands are crafty, and its fruits amaze her friends and the world.
She is the wholesome endowment of the wisdom of God.
Like a pillar, she stands firm and help others do;
She is bold and confident and cannot be chivvied by fools or sheep clothed wolves.
She is fully occupied by vital issues that she isn’t tossed about by gossips.
Yet, she is well abreast with current events, trend and happenings.

“How hard is it to find a capable wife? For her price is FAR ABOVE RUBIES” (Proverbs 31:10)
“She is her young husband’s mistress, a companion for middle age and a nurse when he is old” (Francis B.)

Her wealth or worth do not interfere with the reverence she has him (her husband)
He is like the head on her neck, and she acknowledges this fact.
She is the reason he beats his chest and says to who-cares-to-hear, “Thank God I’m married!”
She is the reason he hurries home from work and walks down the street with shoulders high.

She is the talk of the town. Abroad, many sing of her.
Husbands tell their wives, “Can you not be like that virtuous woman?”
Children recite rhymes about her and wish they were born by her.
And yet, amid this accolade, humility is the robe that beautifies her.

She is pretty, she knows it; but this does not get into her head;
How can be outwardly pretty and too ugly for her family to behold?
She thinks outside the box, outside her confines;
This is evident in the fact that she could turn a dry well into a gold mine.

Her ears are sharp; her eyes are wide open to see profitable ventures;
She tells her husband, “Let’s bother less about the vacations and expensive adventures,
Rather, we could buy the fertile land over there for an agricultural expedition.
The harvest would subsequently pay the family retreats and vacations”
She has a global mentality, though living in a local community,
She has a borderless posture that makes her interact fluently with Divinity.

No matter how tactful a strategy could be, she has eyes that could pick the tiniest details;
She knows it would rain even while the sun, in all its splendour, beams the array of its rays.
When it thus rains, her home is wrapped in warm clothes her hands had made.
She is indeed industrious, and like they say, “Hard work pays!”
The work of her hand has made her rich, so she does not solely bank on what he is paid.
She is a wise spender, chains and clothes are not what she craves.

She sleeps when everyone has slept and wakes up before the break of dawn.
She leaves no work undone and no stone unturned when it comes to catering for her home;
She makes sure every T is crossed and each I has an impeccable dot;
She makes sure every stomach is filled and all hairs are combed.

“Oh, she was good as she was fair!
None – none on earth above her!
As pure in thought as angels are,
To know her was to love her.” (Samuel Rogers)

Like an oasis, she is the ‘Hallelujah!’ of everyone who comes across her;
She is blessed, her heart is blessed and so are her open hands;
Freely she gives, leaving everyone she meets happier than before!
Her words give hope to the hopeless; her smile lifts the down casted.
She has disciplined and accustomed herself to a bridled tongue;
She is an eloquent speaker, and a soft spoken counsellor.
Her tongue mends broken bridges and rights many wrongs.
She is an example worthy of emulation, a capable mother of mothers!

She can be trusted; at home, in the market place, wherever!
Her words can be held unto like an out-stretched hand to a falling man.
She is a dependable and a reliable woman;
She knows the difference between an exaggeration and a lie.

“Her husband says to her, “Many women are good wives, but you are the best of them all” (Proverbs 31:29)

Shout of excitement is heard each evening in her home on her arrival.
She is the magic wand that waves her children’s boredom au revoir.
Her receptive countenance gives them hope for tomorrow,
She is the reason their dictionary is void of the word ‘sorrow’
She takes away the fright from their eerie nights;
And with loves, shines bright the light from the depths of her heart.
She is a singer, a dancer, a fun-lover, a storyteller;
She spices their evenings with captivating tales of both real and fictional characters.
Yet, in her fun-to-be-with nature, she does not spare the rod when it is needed.
She does her best to making sure that it is on the right track they are headed’

“Charm is deceptive, and beauty is vain; but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.” (Proverbs 31:30)

She unconditionally loves and truly fears God;
Embedded on her heart are the laws of the Lord
Nothing keeps her away from the house of God or from his Covenant Ark;
She is fair in complexion, but her knees are dark.
She has and lives her life daily on the God-factor
This is why she is an exception from the crowd; a director in the midst of actors!

“One is not born a (Virtuous) Woman, one becomes one” (Simone de Beauvoir)

(c) January 2015

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