Officialuniqueblog: Can we know you and your work?

HAMEED ARE-LATOOSA: Yes…..my name is Hameed Are, from ibadan and one of descendant of OBADOKE ASUBIARO AARE LATOOSA, the twelveth AARE-ONAKAKANFO OF YORUBALAND.
I am a writer, an actor and a film maker.

Officialuniqueblog: How long have you been in this profession?

HAMEED ARE-LATOOSA: Hmm, if I will not lie, I was first introduced to this profession in the year 1992, through one of our oga his name is Mr Hakeem Hamzat, when he was shooting one of his film project “OFALE”, I visited the owner of the house and then the producer asked me to help out with a part of the scene.
Later on, people started calling to tell me they saw me on TV,  (BCOS) which made me so happy, like five years later I started thinking about it and what to do to make me also be fully part of them(entertainment industry).

Officialuniqueblog:Tell us how you got to this stage.

HAMEED ARE-LATOOSA: Alhamdulilai…..how I got to this stage, it is the handwork of Almighty Allah subhannahu watahala, because He is the one who make ways where u dont expect, after my first production in the year 2005,  the title is BAATIKONI directed by Tunde Ola-yusuf, the thing were not moving on well as I expected it to be because I encounter some challenges which were many and even bad experience I got from my senior colleagues also was too much then, but I always have it in mind that “quitters never win, while winners never quit”. I met my old friend whom was back in d country then Alhaji Taofeek Wale Akorede Okunnu, after he heard all my experience, he asked me to start following him every where he went to then, we used to take bike atimes or bus, in one word he is the messiah which my creator sent to me to let me reach this small place that I am, alhamdulillah. I can’t complete this list without acknowledging one of my senior colleague, he is also my blood and a first cousin Afodunrinbi Kunle(kunle Afod)he also played a vital role in my journey, featured in some of his movie as well.

Officialuniqueblog:What’s your most embarrassing moment ?

HAMEED ARE-LATOOSA: Embarrassment……???, I dont think I have, because thanks to my omnipotent God, He did a perfect job in my life, every member in our caucus starting from the leader Mr Muyiwa Ademola, he personally handles me well, open his door for me for any questions which can boost my knowledge in this field, and so does every member of the caucus.

Officialuniqueblog: Tell us about your current project.

HAMEED ARE-LATOOSA: That one is still loading and I don’t want to talk on it until when He who owns the project wish to talk on it, thats my God.

Officialuniqueblog: How can you use your profession to help the situation for the country?

HAMEED ARE-LATOOSA: Ha, that question is simple and it’s also not, those who picks their lesson from our work/movie, are those who really wish well for our country.

Officialuniqueblog: Do you have plans to help upcoming act to get to the top?

HAMEED ARE-LATOOSA: why not? When God gives you something as a gift, what will u give back to God, because if God didn’t gives you, nobody will realise you are there……..meanwhile, am still up coming one ooooo, but by God’s grace I plan to give back to God from whatever blessing He shower on me.

Officialuniqueblog: Do you think there is improvement in the industry presently?

HAMEED ARE-LATOOSA: Yes, there is. Thanks to our babas and iyas in the industry they are working day and night to move the industry and more grease to their elbow is my prayer.

Officialuniqueblog: What motivates you when you are down?

HAMEED ARE-LATOOSA: smile…… It’s the word of God oooo in alquraan 94 verses 5and 6 “for indeed, with hardship there is ease!

Officialuniqueblog: What do you do aside filming?

HAMEED ARE-LATOOSA: Thank you for that question, presently I work with Medview consult under Medview airline. I’m into aviation too,  I work in the Hajj and Humurah department.

Officialuniqueblog: What is your philosophy about life?

HAMEED ARE-LATOOSA: Hmm, walahi this life ehn, it’s just give and take. What you sow is what you reap. And try as much as possible not to let yesterday spoil your present because, he or she who their present (today)good, will have better tomorrow (good future). Thanks and God bless you.




  1. Nice one and a good job and a good thinking,,i will advice you to keep the going,going well,,Almighty Allah will lead you always,,Amin

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