How to Wear A Red Lipstick- Faith Ademola-Law

No matter what the season’s beauty trend is, every woman needs to have the perfect shade of red lipstick for the season’s festivities. It is the fastest way to upgrade your whole look. Before wearing a red lipstick, one has to consider a lot of things. Firstly, you should think about the rest of your makeup. Be sure to keep the rest of your makeup neutral. The darker your lips, the darker your foundation because red lips can be too much of a contrast against pale skin.

Consider the clothes and accessories you’re using. Wear minimalist jewelleries because red lips can act as much like accessories as necklaces or pairs of hoop earrings. Opt for a small choker and some simple studs.

It is also believed to go absolutely well with a little black dress.

Be sure it is your best shade of red. You should take your time to try out different brands, shades and finishes until you find what suits you. Use lip liners to avoid unnecessary smudging and streaking.

Use it for the right occasion. The look isn’t appropriate for every social situation so it is safe to only use a red lipstick when you know you’re dealing with a fun, relaxed, semi-formal or playful atmosphere. Also consider the lighting of your destination.

Finally, wear it confidence!

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