Do Not Confuse ‘Love’ For ‘Getting Use To’. -Oluwatoyosi Malomo

Many of us fall a victim of confusing LOVE with GETTING USE TO.

For the record purpose, most times we feel we are in love not knowing that we are getting use to a particular person, so very quickly this is the logic. A calls B regularly, B automatically feels something isn’t right whenever A haven’t called. A and B have a conversation about their day to day activities. So at this point one or both feels it is love because of a programmed feeling of wanting their shared moments over and over.

Personally, I think it is right and appropriate that you take your time to enjoy the “getting use to’ era before setting  out for a relationship because it is always so flashy that you would be lost in the moment, they say all that glitters ain’t gold, let the excitement  die a bit and if you still feel the spark, then give it a shot.

Affection also feels like Love, It is a natural body configuration to adjust and enjoy any form of excitements. To detect love it needs your head and sensitivity.

Too many at times, when a relationship is built on ‘Getting Use To’ it ends quickly then the question of i thought you were in love with me at the earliest stage then hence the response i thought so myself.

Don’t get it twisted though. Love is a beautiful thing.

-Oluwatoyosi Malomo

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